Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~Hi...it's Tuesday, so close to St. Patty's Day & The RAK Winner too!*~

Good morning all my amazing crafty friends
I have a new project on the Helmar blog, go check it out!
It is this FABRIC mini album I made myself with fabric stiffener and stitching.
So easy and I love the look it has, I was thinking of making one with that
batik type fabric and some stamping?? Maybe some cardboard
pages too...whatcha think??
Go check it out :)
Don't forget the BLOG HOP from Helmar on March 20th!
I am going to fill it up with pictures from my son's St Patty's Day Class party
since I wont be doing any green shots tomorrow LOL
I had to share this quick story,
my son came home from class yesterday and said
"MOM, there were no GIRL bookmarks, and we have more girls than boys
in our class, what are you going to do about that?"
LOL I had to chuckle....
So I grabbed the Lucy Bird line and whipped out some bookmarks
that were more "girly" for the girls in class.
I think I am officially bookmarked-out! Finished for this year! LOL
I sure had fun, even though it was a simple project, it was great for my kids
and it made them so dang happy. It was totally worth it!

Oh and the RAK WINNER!

The Random Number Generator said #11 and that is
Blogger Jenn K said...

I LOVE this idea!! And the bookmarks are rockin'!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So send me your addy JenK and I will send you the album!

~Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, I love hearing from
my crafty friends :)
~Have a beautiful Tuesday~


jacque4u2c said...

Those book marks are so ADORABLE!

Jenn K said...

Lovin' this!! And hey...that's my name! WAHOO!! I won something, thanks girl!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

You always have the cutest stuff, I swear! Love these!!!!!!!! Have a sparkly week my friend! xOxO

Tona said...

Love your mini album & what a perfect place to put the classroom party photos. You are just too talented!

moloneyat said...

Well you were pretty quick doing something about not having any GIRL bookmarks Pinky - they look great and will be very popular!!!

Eva said...

Christal, this IS amazing!!!!! And can I just tell you this??? I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Eva

Brenda said...

LOVE your mini album!!!! and the book marks are soooo cute!!!