Thursday, March 11, 2010

~Thank heaven's I can see the weekend approaching!~

Good morning my beautiful friends!!
I am the Blogger today for Helmar, so if you get a chance to check it
out please do check it out! :) Always helps to have a couple
comments to let them know I am working it, cause y'all know I love my Helmar!

This is a snippet of what I have going on with Helmar today :)I am so happy the weekend is coming, I have been hours without
a phone and so frustrated today...thanks heaven's the week is ending LOL

I wanted to share with my online friends, some fun moments
from this week.

My favorite picture of the week

We began the week with Baseball for the boys
and their firsts practices! Unfortunately the practices were all after
dark in the evening, so I was not able to get very many "good shots"
But I did catch Gage a couple times without other children around.
The other battle with baseball pictures is not taking shots with other children
so I won't invade their privacy. I still managed to snag a couple :)
Gage with his coach who said he was the biggest kid on the team
and then he learned to bat, he was going to be the powerhouse! hehe

Our other new adventure this week has been BIKE RIDING
It has been MORE than a blessing watching Andrew teach the
boys to ride a bike this week.
He was so patient and they even worked on the bikes together,
I have waited for this day for so long, it brought me to tears more than one time
this week. Watching him guide them and help them to grow
what more could I ask for?

Gage really got the hang of it, they both are still on training wheels
but riding steady and with smiles!

I think hubby fell in love with a little girl in baseball, this sweet
little red head girl, I watched him teach her to catch, it was a total
AWWWW moment...wish I could have caught that on film. :)

Ok off to finish sewing Oh which reminds me
I also made another dress yesterday, a custom order, extra long
for a tall customer :)
Ok that's it for me, I promise LOL
~THANK YOU for stopping by and sharing my life~
~Have a beautiful Thursday~

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Niki_Ray said...

OMG girl I love what you did with the pic. Like the pop out look..gonna try that for sure. Looks like you are a busy gal. So kick up your feet Momma you deserve it!! XoXo Niki_RAy