Monday, March 29, 2010

~Crafty Monday and Chickens too!~

Good morning my beautiful crafty friends!!!!
I am so excited this morning, I am AMPED up after
a great weekend in WV!

Are you ready to rock today??!
Might as well smile and have some fun
this morning right?

I came home to a fantastic surprise in the mail Cri-Kit
it was some new Cri-Kit PENS!!!!!!!They are PENS for your Cricut machine!
Check it out! HERE
I just did a sample on white cardstock, because I have not had time
to play more, but you can bet I will this week!
Can you see the Metallic Shimmer? *swoom* Love it!
Also soon I will be hosting a giveaway for them so stay tuned!
From what I see so far, they totally rock my world!

Also I learned a new technique at the crop from Bettye, so tomorrow....I will be making a VIDEO TUTORIAL on that! all know how much I LOVE my Helmar glue...
I have been bragging about it for months.
Even before the Design team I told y'all how amazing it is
and let me tell ya it rocks! you want to design for them??
Guess what?? They are having a DT CALL!
I KNOW so many of my friends are amazing crafters!
I would LOVE to see some of YOU on the team!

So much to catch up on from the weekend being gone...
y'all are going to get sick of reading my catch-up blogs LOL

BUUUTTTT, since so many have asked about the chicken coop and chickens
I HAD to update everyone about our dirty dozen and the coop.
This is how far hubby and the boys got on the chicken coop.
This is the back view (because our neighbors have garbage behind it
and no one needs to see that LOL
This hole will be the hatch for me to collect eggs! WOOT! I am excited
just thinking about all those fresh organic eggs!
And here are the Dirty Dozen...
oh how they have grown, I am ready to put them out soon!
They are still adorable to me. But I am ready for a quieter house LOL
So someone come and help hubby get the roof on the coop.
He ran out of wood and we have to go back to the store tonight.

That's all for me today my friends...
I have more to share and a GREAT RAK I need to photograph!
While on my trip I was thinking of you all and I picked up some
great giveaways for the blog, so stay tuned this week

~Thank you for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful Monday~
Go check out those pens and Helmar!!!!!!


Dayna said...

I've been hearing so much about those pens lately, can't wait to see what create with them!! Great chicken coop:) Thanks for sharing!!

Jodi said...

I can't wait to see what you do with those know they are already on my wish list!!

Awww... your chickens make me miss my farm...

Dawn said...

Those chicks are adorable,I sure miss all my chickens I use to have. They were so fun to watch. I miss them following my voice.
Have a great day sweetie!

Southernbelle said...

Love the chicken coop and the chickens! Way cute! Off to check out the vid!

Big hugs!

Tona said...

Those pens look interesting have fun playing...
I can't wait to see your tutorial!
Thanks for the update on the chickens & their coop.

Jocelyn said...

Hmmmm those pens look totally awesome....I have never seen them before!!!

Love your coop....and the dirty dozen are adorable!!!

Caroline said...

Thanks Pinky, you always have a way of cheering me up, just the little things in life mean so much!
You rock girl!

Anonymous said...

Cricuts are STILL not affordable, here but I am wanting one so bad! Off to check out the glue you have been bragging about! Hugs!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Hey girl! Drop by my blog and pick up your Sunshine Award!! YOu earned it :)