Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~Top of the mornin' to ya~

Happy St. Patty's Day to all those who celebrate,
and for those who don't let's hope you don't get pinched!

I thought I was going to school with St Patty's day goodies
for a party, but I was crazy and got my days mixed up LOL
No party today! Hey I think I might take a nap!

I did bake snickerdoodles last night and added some green food coloring
for the kids class, so they would have a fun green snack to share :)
I know, I know...GREEN snickerdoodles?? But the family favorite cookie
it Snickerdoodles...the way I figure it?
If people can drink GREEN Beer they can eat a green cookie. heheheI have extra! Anyone wanna come visit?

For anyone who does not know, on the 27th I am taking a little
trip to the Scrapbook Page Store for a charity crop for Lupus.
I am making aprons for the auction and here is a butterfly apron
I made this week for it. I am hoping to get one more done, but we shall see. So far I am happy, I found some fun fabric, that always makes me giddy!
That's all for me today, I am working on a ClearScraps Project today!
Plus we have more baseball practice tonight!

OHHH and some big news...
I think just MAYBE Fed Ex will deliver a VERY special package today...
IF they do I will be sharing pictures and the story tomorrow!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a great St. Patty's Day~


Helen said...

Very cute apron!! And I would eat the green snickerdoodles--those look yummy! Have fun with your fedex package--I think I know what it it (I commented on your post at the "other" place yesterday!)

Pinky said...

I really hope it comes today Helen I am too excited!

Helen said...

I hope you do to--it's so much fun!

Kristina said...

Very cute apron. I think it will fetch some high bids ;)

Colleen said...

Those cookies look really good. Haven't had snickerdoodles in a while. May have to teach my youngest daughter how to make them. Snickerdoodles always remind me of my grandma. Have a good day.

Jill said...

cute apron. i am glad people are doing more for lupus now. i have a form of it. its not fun.

Tona said...

Love the green cookies! The kids will love them. I made green milkshakes for my son's class 1 year.
Snickerdoodles are a favorite around here too. I wish I could drop by & eat a cookie with you.

Liz said...

How cute are those snickerdoodles

Cindy said...

LOVE the green Snickerdoodles! : )
I also love that apron Cristal! Great job! Oh... I read that your pkg arrived.... CONGRATS! Can't wait to see what you create with it!

Jocelyn said...

Just like I said on FACEBOOK...YUMMMMMMM!!! You can package some of those and send them right my way!!!

Love that adorable apron....PERFECT!!

Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!

TeenaBugg38 said...

ME!!! I'll come visit...better bake extras!!!! And thank you for the heads up about Purple Cows!! I've been really fortunate this month!!! Park yourself in the middle of the road in front of your house nd don't let the fed ex guy past unless he has your box!! It's so hard to wait when you KNOW you have something coming. I'm makin our mailman a Well, if it's good take pix and share the wealth even if vicariously!

Brenda said...

awww love the apron the fabric is sooo pretty!!!

marcibun said...

What a great story! I always say that crafters are among the nicest and most caring people in the world. Enjoy your Cricut :)