Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~Terrible Tuesday~

You know I never begin a blog post negatively but
my boys are sick and momma has not slept in 48 hours! LOL
The good news is...it is not the flu
the bad news is...
Double ear infections for both and bronchitis.
So, needless to say I am a little behind on blogging.
I know I promised a RAK and I will be posting it shortly.
Tomorrow is a very busy day with my baby's first day of Kindergarten (do-over)
because we have changed teachers.
I have found that some are not meant to teach Kindergarten and
I have a new found respect for the dedicated teachers who do!

Now on to fun things!
Do you receive the Treasured Scrapbooking Newsletter?
If you do not, you are missing out!
Guess what?
One of us usually does a "Lift" from the members gallery!
This is mine for the month...can you guess who I "lifted"?
Guess you will have to sign up to find out! hehehe
You can sign up by using this link and scrolling down
to the newsletter sign up link!
Hope you enjoyed the card,
I am NOT a card maker but lifting was so easy, I might have to do it again
I always try to do that because I know how it feels.

~Have a great day~
~Thank you for always stopping by and brightening my days~


Colleen said...

So sorry to hear that the boys are still not feeling well. Doesn't matter if it is the flu, ear infection or whatever, It is always hard to have sick children.

Good luck with the re do on Kindergarten. You are right there are many very good teachers out there, but some of the teachers give the rest of us a bad name.

Hoping you have a better day tomorrow. My students report to school tomorrow after having meet with their parents the past two days.

Aeify said...

This card is LOVELY!! So sorry your week is going so rough!! I can't wait to meet you next weekend in New Market...did you mark me down to be there for sure?? You are such a fresh inspiration for me..is it weird? Thanks so much for bloging often. It encourages me to blog more. And your craftiness with little ones at home also encourages me to STOP WASTING my time and get crafty!! Thanks so much Pinky and I can't wait to meet you!!!

Brenda said...

WOW you do have a full plate! Hope the kids get to feeling better soon.Grab your rest when they are down.
Loving your card I know I need to get more cards done lately I been doing more layouts.
Take care

Jocelyn said...

So sorry about the boys still being sick!!!!!! I know how hard it is to have sick children....you just want them to be well and happy!!! Yay on the kindergarten teacher!!!! Wishing you a better day tomorrow!!! Sending HUGS!!!!

Jingle said...

I'm sorry your boys are sick and you can't get any sleep! Your card is fabulous, though!

bradsmom06 said...

Sorry your boys are so sick :( Hope they are feeling better soon!!

I'd say your a great card maker, it looks wonderful!! :)

~Christina~ said...

This was a great lift! ;)

I like the textures. Great work!

Aeify said...

Bless you and keep you Pinky...I hope you are feeling better today.

Crystal said...

so sorry the boys are sick, hon! that really sucks for mom too! i got your rak in the mail yesterday and fell in love! didn't realize those were AC rub ons in there - one of my absolute fav brands. awesome rak and definitely made my day. also, this card is gorgeous! i absolutely love it and def. will be subscribing to that newsletter! have you had a chance during your hectic-ness lately to check out that scary movie i told you about? if not, maybe you will get some much needed down time for yourself soon! big hugs!