Thursday, August 20, 2009

~Quick Tip Thursday and fun Purple Cows Project~

Good morning, obviously I still have sick children at home
so not crafting going on at my house, but I wanted to
share a few quick tips...I discovered this year...with my
PURPLE COWS Laminator!
I just received one and its so fun!~

A few things I am using my laminator for while traveling...

I don't always need the entire TRAVEL GUIDE book, so I take out the sheets that involve my travel area and laminate the few pages (where I am headed) Put them on a small ring and stuff them right in my suitcase.

Don't want to take your entire address book but want to send out postcards? Type up a small sheet ie...3X5...4X6. ..5X7...of the address's you know you will need, laminate it and put it in your wallet
This can be done emergency numbers/info as well.

Renting a car or going on a long road radio stations along the way and type the presets out on a little card, then laminate them and stick em on the dash per area/city.

Laminate those packing lists! RE-USE! Upcycle (new catch word for preventing the need for recycle by re-using) use a dry erase marker and clean it when your done packing!

Don't want to take your camera book with you but need your settings handy? 2X4 or 3X5 card with settings laminated in the camera bag or purse.
Laminating is so useful, I notice many teachers use it for Class/BUS info
too and it lasts and lasts on a students backpack!

Plus here is a link to a fun project Vicki just did on the Purple Cows blog
Purple Cows Blog

Guess what? I will be back up and running tomorrow,
because both boys go to school Friday!
Since my baby has a new teacher he is MORE than thrilled to
head out for his first full day of school! YEA!
So my crafty life should be returning along with pages and RAKS!

~Thank you for your patience~
~Thank you for stopping by your words mean the world to me~


Tona said...

Excellent ideas for things to laminate! Thanks for sharing.

Aeify said...

so glad to hear you feel better!!!

Sara said...

Just found your blog...thanks for the laminate tips!! TFS!

Kray said...

Great ideas for the laminating! I hope the boys will have a healthy school year. Poor boys, and poor momma!