Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~EEERRCH Wednesday? Really?~

I feel like I am skidding into my blog today...
I mean where the heck did this week go?
My kids are finally in school and every minute seems busier then the last!

Here is a little Sneaky Peeky as to what I worked on today!
Guess what? FULL instructions and pictures will be on
the Purple Cows blog in the next couple weeks!
So, if you want to know how to make one...
not to worry! hehe It is...coming!
So, this is the first time I have scrapped in 2 weeks.
I had been sewing and getting the kids settled into school.
I finally feel like my days are slowly becoming normal again.

Oh...and I think I have a little RAK to give away right??
I put everyone's name (all 32) into and
this is the first one that popped up!
Blogger Jenrex4 said...

Great pics of the kids headed to school. I missed that photo op as my camera is out of comission. But we can always pretend on another day soon. ;)

Hope you use you alone time wisely. You'll get used to it and it can be great.
I have to say I am really loving your blog. I am pretty new to blogging but love you tourtrials (spelling is not my best subject). I have printed out the 12x12 paper caddy and desk top basket to make. What cool ideas, and will make a great gift to someone I know.

Just want to let you know that connie from Fontana,CA and Storytellers, let me and everyone on the DB there know about you and you border punch video for the corners. Thanks for the how to.

So, Jen please email me your addy girl!!
And I thank you Connie for spreading the word.
I know I have been a slow blogger the last couple weeks,
but you know me, I always have something to say...
even if it is

Much Ado About Nothing! hahaa
~Thank you for stopping by~
~I hope your Wednesday was a great day!!!~

9 comments: said...


Aeify said...

Congrats Jen! made me go out and get six new border punches with your vid on how to punch the corners THANKS! (and I do mean it, I love them and shared them at a crop this weekend where others loved them too :))

Pinky said...

I am so disappointed about this weekend girl...I am hoping very soon!

jacque4u2c said...

This is just to flipping AWESOME!!!!!!

Jenrex4 said...

WOW Thank you. I never expected to win anything, but appreciate it greatly.

Your new project is way cool.

bradsmom06 said...

My son starts school on Monday, and I am dreading it. He is switching schools this year, and the rat race will start Monday morning, I am sure of it! It's GO GO GO til June again!

Love that new project! It looks like a photo cube......hmmmmmm.........

Crystal said...

hey girl! i cannot wait until you post the entire project with instructions! that glimpse is yummy and i am def. lovin' it so far! i am always busier it seems during the school year, but then again i like it because at least i have a good schedule we maintain. that is what holds me together most of the time! LOL! btw, left a little something on my blog for ya girl! hugs!

scrapbookmom79 said...

congrats girly! Cute project

Georgina said...

so DANG cute!