Monday, August 17, 2009

~Just another Mundane Monday~

Oh boy it has been a struggle to get through the last week and
this week started out with a great big BANG!
Saturday our AC went out in the house,
so this morning was a barrage of phone calls with the landlord!
Thanks heavens it is fixed now, but it was
over 90 degrees in my house when the AC man left!

I have had no time for scrapbooking this weekend as
my son was very sick!
First week of school and he comes home with the flu
now the youngest is sick as well, and momma is feeling a little
under the weather too.
But, I did sew! :)
A couple more fun summer dresses before I break out
the Halloween costumes and Halloween fabric (which I am doing this week!)
I am working on a Purple Cows project this week though!
Hopefully it will be done tomorrow, now that I am cooled off!
Also my son has a new K-teacher so I am relieved!
Now if we can just get past the flu!

OHHH and while I was fabric shopping this weekend
I found a couple cute scrap goodies to share...tomorrow!
So stay tuned for a RAK soon!
~Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me~


Jingle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these dresses! Someday I will have you make me one! LOL!

pattyb said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with for Halloween.

Brenda said...

love your sun dresses! I too am excited to see what you do for Halloween!
Hope everyone gets better soon!

Jocelyn said...

Oh sorry the children are sick and now you are feeling icky!!!! The dresses are just beautiful!!!!! Can't wait to see what is up for Halloween!!! Feel better and glad that you are cooler now!

Jennifer said...

Uh oh! You make Halloween costumes!? I'm already on the prowl for a pink cowgirl outfit. Can't wait to see what you make!!

Colleen said...

Love the white dress with the polka dot border, so crisp and cool looking.
Sorry to hear that the kiddo's are sick. So hard to miss the first few days of school for being sick. Poor things. Take care of yourself because a sick mommy just isn't allowed. Have a good rest of the week.

Aeify said...

Oh should do one of your "summer" dresses with Halloweeny fabric for those of us who live in places like TN or AL where even if it's cool, we could trow on a hoodie or a cute wrap and still be cure and comfy!!!

Crystal said...

i am so loving these dresses! green is my fav color, but i love how adorable those pink polka dots are too! i am so gonna have to have you make me one girl! hugs!

Tona said...

Sorry to hear that boys are sick again. Hopefully you will fight the bug off.
Glad to hear that your AC is working again though and as usual your dresses are gorgeous.

Carla Rae said...

I Love those dresses , very vintage looking...I wish I could sew!