Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~Crazy Busy Tuesday!~

Wow it has been one busy day!
I had a fun day babysitting the neighbor's children
a little girl and a little boy!
Now the little boy was enthralled by my boys and they
of course stayed busy 100% every second he was here!
It was a madhouse LOL
But the girl I felt bad for so I showed her how to scrapbook,
and she made a card, a layout (I printed pictures from an email her mommy sent me)
and a sign for her daddy when he gets back from a work trip.

Sorry, I did not photograph her, even though I wanted to
I wanted to respect her privacy.
But I will just say she was sweet and it was cute!

And here are my 3 monkeys! LOL
Yesterday right before SCHOOL!
Tomorrow the older 2 start FULL days!
And the youngest begins next Friday...
so I will be a busy momma until then...
I am excited...I know everyone says I am going to be
sad and lonely, but I am happy.
We sacrificed alot for me to stay home with the kids until now
and now it comes full circle and I am so happy and proud!

Now I did scrap a bit today but it was too dark to photograph...
I feel a new blog header coming on!!
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thanks for stopping by to peek in on my life~


scrapbookmom79 said...

I bet everything the girl you sat for was really cute! Starting school already, wow!! You will enjoy the quiet time while they are all away. Have a happy wednesday!!

Michelle said...

I too made that sacrafice to stay home until my kids were both in school! This is the year that I will have to go back to work...EWWWWW! I enjoy staying home but the family comes first!

Taffy said...

How cute! Glad you spent some 'lil girlie' time w/your neighbor's daughter. LOL When we used to babysit my lil niece, i never knew what to do w/her. LOL However, boyz.. i can handle them. LOL

Your kids are awesome. That lil one (forget his name) he has that mischievous look on his face! LOL!

have a good day.

Jocelyn said...

AWWWWWW. back to school pics!!!!! Can you believe the summer is over and I LOVE THE HEADER!!!!! :)