Saturday, May 23, 2009

~Welcome to Purple Cows!~

Purple Cows finally introduced me as a designer on their blog this week!
How fun is it to see your own name and face on a manufacturers blog?!
I am pretty excited!


Nothing to share today as I have been sick the last two days.
On the floor sick, thankfully hubby is home today and
I am able to chug nyquil and sleep.
I just had to pop in and say hi to all my blog peeps!
I will be back full force when this bug goes away.
If you have any suggestions for a quick recovery
please do share because I am a walking zombie right now!

Oh and next week I head off for a 3 day getaway in Pickwick TN!
YEEHAW! If you live near there give me a holler!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.


Jocelyn said...

So sorry that you are feeling so suggestions...I am still battling something from 3 weeks ago!!!! Sending you hugs!!!!

MaryNSC said...

Congradulations !! I Loves my Purplecow trimmer.
I Loves u too Hope u hurry up and gets BETTER!!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on your Purple Cows gig!!!!
Sorry to hear you're feeling horrible and I hope you get to feeling better soon!!!!

Maggi said...

I'm sorry you're feeling bad! My only advice is make sure to drink a ton of water! I'm big on water for any occasion! lol Feel better soon!

Holly said...

Hope you start feeling better soon and get lots of rest and fluids this weekend so you can enjoy your upcoming trip.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon and the the into looks great!!

Niki_Ray said...

Feel Better Pinky and Congrats again on Purple Cows!!XoXo Niki_Ray

April said...

WTG, again Pinky. Feel better soon.

scrapbookmom79 said...

very cool!! Congrats again