Monday, May 18, 2009

~All pinked up and busy week!

Lastnight hubby PINK'd me! LOL
He always "Pinks" me.
He says he has alot invested in how I look so who better to trust to
do my hair than the man who has to look at it every day!

I also got 5" or so chopped last week and had not had time to share.

Also I am so very proud. BOTH of the boys have award ceremonies this week
Justice received 2 awards in his first year of school and
I am not sure about Brad yet but he is due on Thursday.
So we spent the evening at school.That is my little man in the very back in the grey and red shirt!
Handsome fella! Sorry I left the picture small for the privacy of his school.

And last but not least....
TOMORROW!!! Yes Tuesday night.
Treasured Scrapbooking is having a Just Add Scraps
1 hour Sketch Contest!
And your very own PINKY and LAURAJEAN
are the hosts!
SO if you have a chance, get your butts in there and pick up
one of these super cool BLINKIES and some scrap!


IF you have not joined Treasured, you do not know
what you are missing!
You know I am very selective about my scrap playgrounds and
TS is one of the best for sure!
Besides that, I play every day there!! Come join and tell them I sent ya!

OHH and am I missing something?
Maybe a RAK winner?
Werll, I decided to wait one more day and blog it tomorrow.
So you will just have to wait and see!

Thanks for stopping by
~Have a beautiful day~


Carol said...

I am proud of your boys too! That's a great accomplishment. I'll be waiting to here about Bradley's awards. Also, I like the new do.

See ya on TS tonight:)

Jocelyn said...

YAY for the boys and I am loving the Hair......Happy Tuesday!

Lisa T. Howard said...

I have always thought you to be THE coolest with that awesome pink hair and now it has a special sweetness to it knowing your man does it for you! Congrats to Justice and Brad. You have to be one proud mama! I haven't checked out the TS site, but I will! Thanks for the info!

Maggi said...

Love the new hair and congrats to the boys, that's awesome!

Jillene said...

Awards from school are always a good thing. Congrats to your boys!!

.................... said...

I (and my husband...and our three kids) will be leaving tomorrow for a week trip...I think I will be going crazy getting ready tonight instead of being able to play on TS. So sad!!

scrappin_mom3 said...

lookin' good gf!!! Way to be that pround momma, too!!

Niki_Ray said...

Love the touch up and WTG Hubby!!! Congrats boys on the awards. My eldest has hers this week :) XoXo Niki_Ray