Friday, May 29, 2009

~Friday on the road!~

I set this blog to pop up on Friday, because I am
That's right, off to pick up Report cards then off to the
Pickwick Belle for a fun adventure riding on a paddle boat!
I hope it is going as well as it sounds! LOL
I have my laptop so I will check in if I find a hotspot.

I made this card for a challenge I am going to do next month in Treasured.
Once again *disclaimer* I am NOT a card maker! LOL
I only do basic simple cards!
But the kit from TS in June #2 was
so cute I had to make cards with it!
Dontcha just love the rub-on??

OK I am ooooouut of here! have a great weekend!


Heather said...

Have a great time! Love the card!

Jocelyn said...

Have lots of fun and the card is just PERFECT....just like you!!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Your definition of "basic simple" is my idea of adorable! Love the card. Hope you have a blast on your trip!!!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

WhatEver! - there is nothing you make that isn't short of spectacular! Have a wonderful weekend Pinky girl!

Carol said...

I still say that you ARE a card maker. It looks so pretty :) It sounds like you are going to have a great time this weekend!

Love Ya;)

Liz said...

fabulous card have a good road trip

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your trip and be safe!!!

Great Card - I do love the saying

Jillene said...

The card is ADORABLE!! Have a fun trip!!

.................... said...

I like the card! I LOVE all things paisley!

Tona said...

That card needs no disclaimer! I love it!!