Saturday, May 16, 2009

~Oh sweet Saturday!~ RAK winner...

Oh sweet sweet Saturday, I woke up with a sick boy
but also a hot breakfast from hubby too!
I love the weekend!

I FINALLY found some Scrap mojo last night.
Late last night I sat on the floor and scrapped this page.
This is an old photo from when I first met my hubby.
I felt and still do feel like, this is the first time in my entire life
I finally saw some light in my life.
After so many years of abuse and pain
my husband gave me one gift that no one ever had given to me before
I finally had someone I could trust 100% and know that he would not hurt me.
He is definitely the reason I was able to stand up and become strong.
I was not strong in the beginning, I was weak and full of pain and scared.
But because he was there to hold me up, I was able to find my own
power and strength, and able to stand up against those who
abused me. And stand strong for myself. I will never
be the same and I will stay strong now no matter what happens.
Now that is a real GIFT.

Oh and for the RAK winner...

Blogger .................... said...

That stuff looks lovely! I'd love to play with it.
You know I'll dance for it if I have to :o)

Tifany #5942

This comment cracked me up!

Tif, send me your addy girl, I will mail this off ASAP.

OHHH and did you know??

The new Dreamgirls challenge is up??

I ALMOST was able to use this one, But my fabric is not big enough...

GO check it out!

~Have a great weekend y'all~



Jocelyn said...

Loving the LO!!!! Great detail work on this one!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

Heather said...

Gorgeous layout as usual!

Tona said...

Love all the textures in this layout. So glad you found a good man too ;)

TanishaRenee said...

this looks awesome girlie! Love the cardboard background--lots of awesome textures here!

Maggi said...

The layout is great, love the cardboard and those blingy stars!

Lynnette Davis said...

Very powerful message and layout! I too am a survivor of abuse. Thanks for sharing!

Dorothy said...

What a beautiful Page!!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

This is one wonderful LO and your story, while sad, is so inspirational! So glad you have someone to brighten your world! :)

TraceyT said...

Now this is one AMAZING page!!! WOW

Taffy said...

i got a massage yesterday.. 'nuff said! :)

KarenB said...

Love the LO!!! Missing ya girl but hopefully things get settled for me soon and I can be back to chatting and scrappin' with ya!!!