Monday, May 11, 2009

~Good morninnnnggg Monday!!!~

Oh boy, I did NOT want to climb out of bed this morning!
I just wanted to stay inside those warm blankets and sleep another hour!
But I got up and made eggs for the kids....I love being a mom!

These Lo's I did on Saturday with my Tally kit.
"Like a Box of Crayons"
I am not thrilled with this one, but stickers/rub-ons and bright colors
are not my usual style....
but it was fun anyways, thinking outside of my box at least!
This is more of the Collage Press Paper I am IN LOVE WITH!!!
I loved both sides so I measured the scalloped circle ring,
then cut a circle from the base paper
flipped it over and glued it back down and used the ring
to cover the cut. I like how it turned out.
Well, off to the kids and sewing!
~Have a beautiful day~


Lisa T. Howard said...

Love both of these, Pinky! Of course the bright colors in the first one totally grabbed me! I know you said it isn't your usual style, but you rocked it!

Holly said...

Great job. As usual you did such an awesome job expressing yourself.

Maggi a.k.a. Katamommy said...

I think they are both very different styles but both work for me, you did a great job!

Amy said...

Both the lo's are great and very different from each other - you can step outside of your box!!! (I try to do it all the time)

Jillene said...

I DID NOT want to get out of bed today either.

And the LO's are GREAT!!

Connie said...

love that paper!!!!

Taffy said...

i love the first one. the bright one. you totally out did yourself :)

You simply rawk! i'm sure i tell you that the time, but you do!

nicely done, gurl!

Niki_Ray said...

Love the layouts and I like the top one the best with the note book looking paper :) XoXo Niki_Ray

Ziggyeor said...

oh those are amazing woman! Great job on the cutting too! ;)


Carol said...

Those los are just beautiful! I love those bright colors, and Bradley is so handsome!


Michelle said...

I really like both of these layouts! You have such a wide variety of scrapbooking skills.
I know you said you didnt care for the first one, but it was really cute!

Southernbelle said...

Lovin' these gf! ;)

jonaks said...

loved them both Cristal!!!