Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Thinking Thursday~

My heart lays heavy this week, in prayer and thought of little Ellie and the Willaert Family.
Now, I have never "met" Nikki or her family, but we have known each other online for a long time now.

I ask today that you pray with me, for the family to find some faith and comfort.
I have been making cards, I almost do not want to share, because I sat in tears making them and they feel so personal and private to me.
I enclosed scriptures in each card with very little message except the message of faith.

I would encourage you, if you do "know" the family or have followed their story to please send a card of faith to the family.
I know we cannot do anything to help from so far but we can pray and send a sense of community from near and far. So please, whatever your belief send thoughts and prayers their way.

This is Nikki's request of prayer
Many of you ask continually "what can we do for you?" My answer is to pray - just keep praising God for all He has given us and thanking Him for Ellie and her goodness. Pray for the healing of her body, a complete and total restoration, so that she will go on to glorify God with the story of her healing. Pray for Pat as he struggles to hold his family together. Pray for me that I find the right words at the right times when my children ask me difficult questions. Pray for our parents, brothers and sisters as they stand close by to us and strengthen us, even though they are struggling themselves. WE love all of you and so need you, thank you so very much for fighting with us.


On a sweeter love note, I wanted to thank LisaMarie for coming to my blog.
She won the stamps and privately messaged me to please send them to Jingle.
I just thought that was so sweet and that is what true love and friendship is all about!
Thanks for sharing your kindness Lisa!
I don't I can explain what that did to my spirit today!


Michelle Ramsay said...

What lovely cards Pinky!! I have said many prayers for Nikki and her family and like you have not met her, but only on a forum.

What a lovely gesture for the stamps - there are still some really lovely people in this world, despite all that is going on.

Have a lovely day

Jingle said...

LisaMarie, thank you! You SO didn't have to do that!!! You rightfully deserve them!

Pinky - LOVE the cards!!!

Susan said...

Praying for Nikki and her family Pinky. Thank you for letting us know. I adore the owl card...I think it is my absolute favorite one.

Amy said...

What great cards and how sweet of LisaMarie - I love to here of things like that.

Lisamariemlt said...

love those cards Pinky your talent and thoughts will so be appreciated by this family

Jingle you are very welcome
I logged on to your blog at work today Pinky, and was so surprised to see your words about me sending you that messge
just remember yah gotta send those stamps with a hug and a kiss from me lol
no just kidding
I thought you were so kind to send so many people here-you shared the chance to win-you didn't keep it to yourself
and I also told Pinky that I respected her honesty-she could of easlily just said you won--and I truly apprecicated her honesty
just call it a pay it forward
from me to you Jingle
I owe some wonderful ladies a huge thank you for helping me out of a sticky place not so long ago and well
it's my way of saying thanks and well yup just being me- a silly scrappin friend that can't wait to see what you create Jingle