Friday, February 27, 2009

~RAK Winner Friday, Sheer madness..personal thoughts...

Last day to donate to Ellie's Family.
we have 165.00!! WOOHOO!!!! And I know one check is coming today to!
Thanks for all you donated, I am sending a check/cash tomorrow morning!

Yea, I know your like...
"What?? Another LO about that bitch? Does it ever end??!!" hehehe
Just kidding, I know I am sick of scrapping me too.
But I was feeling a little pissed off about some of the comments I get about my hair or my crazy hat. So I scrapped it. I think people figure if they make a snide comment to me, or at me, then they look better than me. But in reality they just look like a snit...well to me anyways.
I mean who am I hurting with my pink hair and kitty hat?

I am feeling nostalgic this week so I will let you in on my secret.
Now most people who ask me, I just shrug it off.
But today I thought I would share.
The reason Pinky has Pink hair.
Since I grew up being molested and abused for 15 years.
When I hit 17 I ran out and got married
to the first man who had money and showed me attention.
Well he was a very bad man.
he tried to hit me with his truck and ended up leaving me
in the hospital with a broken back and 3 months of therapy.
I left him, and met my husband now.
He is so supportive and we got pregnant, I was terrified to have children,
afraid I would beat them like my parents did.
So with his help, I decided to write my story of abuse and rape out.
He made 100 copies and I sent it to every person I knew.
I would finally be FREE of all the secrets and shame of abuse because
it was NOT my fault and now everyone would know,
When that happened the healing began, and I wanted to stand strong
especially for other women who were abused and
did not feel safe speaking out.

Pink always makes me smile and happy.
So I dyed my hair PINK so when I woke up in the morning, not only
would I smile, but it would be my way of being a brand new person
inside and out! FREE from secrets and abuse.
It reminds me every day, I am now happy and strong.
The old scared, shy, abused girl is gone.
Now stands a strong, bright, thankful survivor!
It might not be your way to deal with issues, but it is mine.
And I am good with that!
Besides that it has been an amazing tool to share my story with others
and brighten people's days!

Ok long rant over!!

Fingertip craft knife winners....

and TRACEY!!!

Send me your addy's girls, they will go out this weekend!!!!!!
Have a beautiful day


Meg said...

*hugs* you are a rock star girl!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Oh my gosh Pinky, you have some story. You are definitely are a survivor and you keep that hair pink! It suits you hun. I have pink extensions, and they make me happy, so I totally get that!!!! I love your work, rock on girl! xOxo

Michelle said...

I happen to love your hair. I'm sorry about your past but I think that you are dealing with it and moving on so that you can have a great, happy life ahead of you.

To me, the pink ROCKS!!!!
I wish I had the courage to have my hair that color. :o)

Stay strong, stay Pink, stay Pinkee!!!

Amy said...

You are one brave, strong woman - I think you are GREAT!!!!!

As long as your happy who cares about what anyone else thinks!!!

You have helped me in ways you will never know and I am forever grateful to you for that. Thank You for being you - honest, caring, brave, strong and loving.

Michelle said...

Oh girl...I have had every hair color under the sun..except pink..LOL! I am one who has never cared what people thought of me. I AM MY OWN PERSON!! If you dont like me, dont talk to me!
You keep smileing!

HeatherQ said...

Pinky, I love your straightforwardness. Thanks for sharing your story about your hair -- you didn't have to do that, but I'm glad you did. You wear your hair any color you want! Keep being that stong survivor -- you inspire others!

V Colbourne said...

You're an amazing woman! And I friggin' love your pink hair!

Island Girl Accessories said...

You Rock! All of us who have had to deal with that shit Deal with it in our own way... Pink is Your way it makes you happy F-the rest of them! at least you have a healthy relationship and are not adicted to any drugs... you deal with life in a way that is healthy! that doesnt hurt anyone! and that makes many ppl smile to see.

And just think your kids will NEVER loose you in a crowd... hehehehe....

Tona said...

Congrats to your winners!
Thanks for sharing story. I say if it works for you then more power to ya. Keep getting stronger girl!!

TraceyT said...

WOW! Sounds like you've got one wonderful husband. I have no doubt your story has and will help others. TFS

TraceyT said...

THANKS for the RAK!! :)

Noel said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story! Have a happy weekend!!

LIZZEE said...

THanks for sharing your story. It's important what makes you happy not what other people think!
Your very strong person

Michelle Ramsay said...

Stunning layout!

Not many people could write about their abusive past and I admire you for doing that - I am sure it must be a great form of healing. You certainly are a SURVIVOR and an inpiration to others in similar situations - go Pinky !!

Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing about your hair. I have always wondered why the pink hair. What a great attitude you seem to have about your past and how you are dealing with everything.

meluv2scrap said...

Cristal what an awesome story---I know what happened to you is awful, but it is awesome that you got to the other side and you stand strong and proud of where you are. You are an example to people that bad things happen, but you can rise from the ashes!! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!

Erin Glee said...

Love how you keep it REAL, Pinky! You are an inspiration to all of us who need healing from our past pain! Thank you.

Southernbelle said...

This rocks gf!!!! I love it! I am such a huge fan of these layouts! Lovin' all the paper and embellishments!!! Love the pic too! So you!!

Love ya!

michele said...

I have a couple of things to say:
1. diggin the LO.
2. I happen to like your pink hair and kitty hat.
3. stay you!

Harley Dee said...

First of all, who said somethin'..? Want me to break some knee caps? Secondly, good for you for being strong, which has in turn made you happy.

You rock :)

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing the story of your hair....oh, and I love your hat. You are a remarkable person and think so much about others. Sending hugs!

Ziggyeor said...

omg you rock! I love your LO and I'd just laugh at the people! I love your hat and your hair even if they are pink! LOL :D


MaryNSC said...

YOu GO PINK GIRL!!! DOnt let nobody KICK the PInk out of U EVER AGAIN!! I Loves YOU!!!

Danielle said...

Hugs Pinky!!!! I love your hair and your story made my teary-eyed... It's great that you were able to write your story down and to get past it by doing this.

GO PINKY!!!!!!!

Kray said...

Your hair is you! I can't really even imagine you w/ different color.

I am so proud to know you and how you are standing up for yourself.

Through your art...I know you are helping others.

We can never have enough of Cristal, aka Pinky, pages!

Jocelyn said...

OH My Goodness, I WON!!!! So excited! I will email you with my address!!! Now on to your LO and story!!! First off may I THANK YOU for sharing this with us!!!! Surviving is the KEY word here. We all have something in our lives and my Mom just said to me the other day, that I was born a Survivor!!! Some day I will share my story, but much too hard now!!!! People amaze me, they see the outside, just look at all the ads, skinny, perfect, no wrinkles, no fat, no nothing!!!! So life has not given me the perfect body, those damn wrinkles are coming on with vengenance and guess what, the inside is GOOD!!! I ADORE the Pink hair and the KITTY Hat, and as long as they make you happy you keep on doing it!!!! This world can be so cruel, but one postive thing, you are here to make it a better place!!!! If I could I would Pink it up myself! Keep doing what you are doing and know the lives that you have touched, are touched in ways that are blessed!!!! You are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! Remember that each morning when you look ihe mirror!!

Jocelyn said...

Email me at and I will send you my address. I can't find your email!!! SOrry!!

KarenB said...

First off congrats to the winners - Cristal is always so generous!!!

Second - you totally know where I stand and that I support you 110%!!! Screw 'em if they are so miserable in their own lives that they have to pick at you to make themselves feel better - I mean come on, are you hurting them? Meh, do it your way!

hippy_chick said...

I love your hair & came SOOOO close to dying my own hair that pink 2 weeks ago, i decided for purple but it did'nt take with my red hair already, *sigh* anyway's i just wanted to praise you for speaking out, letting other's know that its ok to, too, you are strong & proud & im praising you for that, im going to shut up now, lol.