Monday, February 9, 2009

~Productive weekend??~

Was it a productive weekend?
Well, not so much scrap wise.
But family and sewing wise YES!
As always family comes first in my house,
well more like children come first!
We had a lovely weekend.
Hubby and I got up on Saturday and cooked a BIG family breakfast.
Then we all played a bit and he took them
to the park so I could sew/work.
Then back and we made supper.
On Sunday I hopped out of bed and made pancakes.
So no I did not get much scrap time in.
But scrapping is definitely not as important as that
time with my boys I loved every second and it was a great weekend!
I did eek out this LO
Along with 6 dresses, so not too bad!
And this morning was a BALMY 50 at the bus stop! HOORAY!
So back to the last little one, he needs to eat.
Have a beautiful Monday!


Holly said...

Such good looking little guys. I'm so glad you know the value of family and take that time to spend with the boys. So many people forget that. You are such an awesome Mama!

And 6 dresses on top of that?? You Rock!

V Colbourne said...

Those are some cuties I tell ya!! I love how you always manage to use pink for the boys, wish I had nerve like Fabby LO as always!

icecheeks said...

I took a bit of a scrappin break too this week...came here for some inspiration, which you always provide :)

Little Miss said...

That lo is very Sweet! Congrats on getting soo many dresses done, that's a lot of sewing! :)

Michelle Lanning said...

ohh great layout --- 8 dresses? You are amazing girl!

rachelsigmak said...

Gorgeous! My header is Cabo San Lucas.

Tona said...

Loved your layout. You're right, family comes 1st. We have to make the memories before we can scrap them. You are such a great mom.

Jenn said...

Super Cute layout!

Georgina said...

oh I just LOVE this Lo Cristal!!! it's PERFECT!! =)

Ann said...

Love this layout and love where the pictures and journaling were placed.