Sunday, February 15, 2009

~Sunny beautiful Sunday~

It is only 40 degrees this morning but it is simply beautiful outside.
I love waking up to days like this. I wake up and the sun just makes me feel happy.
This is the 15th so it is my second Reveal for Kit #2 & Treasured Scrapbooking.
On this page I added the red cardstock
BUT I took my machine to it and went crazy!
I actually made this page for Holly (Come barefoot blog)
So I just set a picture in it for reveal purposes.
But now that it is revealed I can mail it to her!

And this is just ONE of the mailboxes I did for the kids this year.
Never again I say! LOL Tin suck to alter!
But it was fun and I like it.
The others were much more child like to appeal to my 5 year old.
The thing that counts?
They LOVE them!
So that is all for me and kit #2~

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday


Tona said...

Love the layout & the mailbox!

Amy said...

I love the layout and you are soo right about altering tins - at least you finished I quite not even half way through when I tried to do one!!!

~ melody zahara ~ said...

lovin your layout chickie ~ and yummy stitchin...nice touch! and wuv that mailbox..that is just scrumptious!

Kray said...

This is so cute!

Jocelyn said...

Your Lo is so elegant and yes I agree tin sucks to try to alter. I did them last year and will never do them again. Way too much aggravation. Your mail box turned out adorable and so worth all the trouble!!!! Is it not wonderful to see the sun. Can't wait to feel it's warmth shining on my face!!! Have a great Monday sweet friend!