Thursday, February 19, 2009

~Creative Thursday~

I was excited to have won by 1 point with my Game box today.
My team still lost but I was proud of my little box.
Now you may be wondering....What in the world is she putting a
picture of this MESS on her blog for?

Well there are a couple reasons
#1 Fiskateers is having a sewing room makeover contest!
You can win a beautiful Desk for your sewing room.
#2 I tried to take the cleanest best picture possible. Because I thought it was only to post a picture of your sewing table LOL
#3 To remind you, we are all human and as my friend Roxann says..."Don't stress the mess!"
I have to take a step back and remind is OK to have a messy room! LOL

So have a great creative day!!!


Niki_Ray said...

Like I said on fiskars...So much beauty comes from that room :)

Michelle Ramsay said...

Oh, I hope you win, you certainly deserve it!! Good luck

Kimmy P said...

I don't trust people with clean scrap/sewing rooms -- so you're good in my book.

KarenB said...

Holy shit!!! I hope I didn't bust your ear drum when I started laughing in your ear!!! I should take a pic of mine and show you how crappy it is!!!

Ann said...

You know if you clean it up and organize it you won't be able to find anything. I go through this everytime I clean my scrappy area...looks nice when it's clean but I still can't find stuff.

Southernbelle said...

Cristal, Cristal, Cristal! GF, the organizing OCD in me has just got to get to Murfreesboro...NOW! LOL. JK gf! I know you are a super busy mom and wife. I'm glad you don't stress the mess! I wish I could be that way. Man, I wish I could come down. We'd have you winnin' that desk in no time! ;) I hope you win sista! ;)

michele said...

Go Pinky Go!!!

Kray said...

That is so funny! That was how my scrappy room was looking this past week when I decided to reorganize yet again. Hope you win

~ melody zahara ~ said...

wishing ya all the best on winning chickie ~ you go girl!

Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

Good for you! It's okay to have a mess. I just wish I could clean (or tighten up) mine! LOL!

Great layout btw ... I love how you used the cardboard. I'm to afraid to b/c of the acid migration. Any advice???

Have a great weekend Cristal.


Jenn said...

good luck on the contest! At least you have a room, I have a dining table! lol