Monday, August 18, 2014

You Can Make It....

Hello friends and hello Monday...

I know that Avocado Arts has really fun adorable stamps, but they
also have amazing messages in some of the sets, like this month's set
You Can Do It is definitely inspiring to me.

I created this bubble frame- believe it or not it is chipboard LOL and I 
added the stamped sentiment onto cork paper. 
I just wanted something to hang in my room and remind me to keep
on trying every single day.

BE SURE to hit up Avocado Arts and comment on my post- they are giving away
prizes this month for commenting!!


1 comment:

Alexia Misso said...

This is so cute and inspiring Cristal, have faith and believe in yourself. You can do it. :) Thanks for sharing. Btw, how did you make that bubble? It's too cute!