Tuesday, January 29, 2013

~Valentine's Day Wall Decor!~

Hey there my friends, 
What a week so far! One sick kid at home already...BUT it gives me crafty time. :) 

Today on the Creating Made Easy blog I share this step by step tutorial 
on how to create this Valentine's Day- Acrylic Heart Wall Decor. 
You have to check it out
This is a beautiful kit- I love it. 
 There are photos included in the tutorial. 
I am excited to have it on my wall! :) 
Hope you all are enjoying your week. 
It's just the beginning my friends!

Happy Tuesday and enjoy the day~ :) 



Ziggyeor said...

Very cute. I haven't made Valentines Decor. Maybe I'll do Mardi Gras it's all that same week :)

Whitloli said...

Love this!!! I might have to recreate it!