Friday, April 27, 2012

~Sun Catcher Card~

Good morning my friends,

I have a new project today. I was honored to be asked
to work with the Connie Crystal company and they wanted me to
come up with ideas for incorporating crystals into scrapbooking...
HELLLOOOO! I love it!!! :)

What is cooler then to make a card that has a bonus gift in it?!
I thought it would be cool to make this card and include the
Star Chain Sun Catcher on the front, easily removable.
It's a card and gift in one, plus it looks so cool anyways.

So, what do you think? Cool idea? I think I am going to have
alot of fun with these crystals.
Oh I used my Kanban papers and toppers for this card.
Great combo....Happy Friday! :)



CheckerBeads said...

fabulous!!! the crystals are dazzling.


Craft Me This said...

I think it is brilliant in more words than none. Beautiful card Beautiful gift. Can't get better than that.

kristi said...

Amazing cArd and what a wonderful Idea ! Thanks so much for the GREAT work

KC Eddy said...

Awesome Card/Gift! I love the idea!!

Suzi said...

Hey there, Pinky!
I have been trying to keep up with Fiskateers lately, after a lengthy period of inability. There are lots of changes. It's taking me a while to absorb them all. One, I realized, is there is a Pink, but no Pinky! No posts since Sept. Hope life is just wonderfully busy and awesome. You are missed.
Suzi #5563