Tuesday, April 24, 2012

~HSN TODAY! + Acrylic Layout-Vacation Fun~

Good morning and happy Tuesday my friends, 

Before I start I just wanted to remind you to tune into HSN today
I have a few projects that will be either in the background or forefront? 
Not sure just yet, but any Purple Cows presentations you
should see something I have made. 
This is not the first time but each time is very exciting. 

I have been stuck at home with a sick little man, which means sleepless
nights full of breathing treatments and mommy sneaking in her craft room
to keep awake! LOL Needless to say I have been a scrapbooking fool.
 I always love making acrylic pages especially when they are beach
pages because the acrylic is like glass (well the visual anyways). 
The last few weeks I have been working on my gf's beach photos, so
I decided to grab the Clear Scraps acrylic and my Purple Cows punches and have 
fun with it. I love getting back to just creating layouts for fun too~ 
 Well that's it for me today, I am making it short because I have this sick
little man who is driving me insane and my van is broken, so I am
frustrated this week and not feeling very fun and chatterly~ :P 

But on the plus side I might catch HSN and also I ordered
myself a new Hello Kitty t-shirt...might have to sneak to town tonight
and get that new tattoo too. Just because being a mommy is amazing
but it wears a woman out...and she needs a little gift. LOL
Happy Tuesday my friends~


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Maria said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! TFS