Sunday, September 12, 2010

~Learning can be fun! *Chicken too*~

Good morning!!!
I did not scrap yesterday but let me show you why :)
*I actually did scrap but it's all top secret for Provocraft*
We had a wonderful day full of family and friends.

We took the boys to Chattanooga to the Tennessee Aquarium,
thanks for my in laws who gave us a season pass *yea*
They had fun and we had a wonderful day!
I just love having these amazing days.
We really are blessed to be so lucky.
We don't have to get drunk or party to have a great time!
Nope we get high on love and family. What I always wanted.
Days like this make me really appreciate a great family
and even better friends in my life.
Tired of the pictures yet? :) Sorry I just had to share
Blown Glass Art *loves it!*
They even have a butterfly exhibit where you walk and
touch butterflies, they love pink hair!
My son's favorite *Seahorses*
Before the butterflies we saw birds in the open no cages
I am a lucky mom!
Anyways it was a wonderful day, one of those
days we will remember for a long time.
Hopefully one of those days my kids look back on and say
"Remember that mom?"
Thanks for sharing in my non-scrappy life
and I have one more picture for ya!!

CHICKEN!!!!!!!! :) hahaha
I finally got a picture of my favorite chicken the black one.
I totally love her! :) I wish she would
look at the camera, but she is shy LOL

Have a wonderful Sunday!
~Back to scrapping today!~


Jocelyn said...

Love the pics of the family....looks like a great time was had!!!

OHHHHHHH....I love the chicken...she is beautiful...I want chickens..but where I live we can't have them!!! BOOOOOO!!!

Wishing you a great Sunday Miss Pinky!!!

Manhattan Mandie said...

Ooooh *Top Secret Provo Craft* scrapping???? Love it!

Love the aquarium pics! Looks like fun :) Your chicken is gorgeous too!

Have a wonderful day!

Nicole Laird said...

Glad you had a great day with the family! Very nice pictures!! And you know I love those chickens!!

Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

aww girl that looks like a fantastic day!

Tona said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. That looks like a fantastic aquarium.
Can't wait to see your reveal of your top secret Provo Craft project.

Kelly Sas said...

Your post today makes my heart smile. This is such a wonderful time of life for you Pinky and it is nice that you realize it and take time to enjoy it. Lots of mom's out there would be complaining about having 3 boys. Not you! Your posts make me remember all the wonderful times I had raising my family. Blessings!


{raisingAlexis} said...

lovely photos! looks like a great day with family ...

Jenrex4 said...

Congrats on the great family day! Love you pics. I should do something scrappy today.

Mel said...

Fantastic looks like a fun place. Glad you had a great day!!

Kray said...

These photos came out great!!! Especially with the boys!!!

Hmmmm....a teaser for secret provo craft?

Rhonda V. said...

Oh my goodness, those photos are awesome!!! I just looove the sea horses -- fab!!!

Pammejo said...

Your family is lovely, love the card, now I have to go see if what I can do with paint.

jeannie said...

I have lots of icky paint for this idea Pinky! Looks like you have been havin fun and the chickens are beautiful!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

What a fun family day! Great gift from in in-laws so you know you can go back again. I did not get tired of the pictures. They were so pretty and colorful.

Nanabells said...

Looks like fun!! I too get high on family love!!

Yvonne Russell said...

I've just added one more to your followers tally as I'm following your blog now. Thanks for the chance to join in this fun giveaway.

Enjouing discovering and exploring your blog - love your projects but also your enthusiasm and positive spirit. :)