Thursday, September 9, 2010

~Busy week & Happy Mail!~

Good afternoon!
First of all I apologize for being behind this week
I have been at school helping out and so busy!

I just had to share what came in the mail today!
I am in a swap and this rocks, thanks Kristin!
Not sure what it's for but I am going to find out.
I love the vintage goodies and what a fun surprise!
I had a crazy day when in Wendy's with a gf eating
this man came up and he was so loud and insistent.
He asked the next table what they thought of my hair, he
even asked me to stand up please in front of the restaurant to
wave to his wife.
It was pretty funny LOL
That was my wacky day!

I also went to Franklin, TN to buy fabric today
and I came away with a haul!

I am now ready to make Halloween dresses! WOOT!
I love making them for Halloween, I wait all year for these!
Anyways that was my day, how was yours??



Christy said...

Um, I'm in LOVE with that brown and blue fabric! A dress in that with some brown cowboy boots would look so cute for my engagement pics! Your day sounds funny! Mine has been boring...hoping to accomplish something tonight.

Manhattan Mandie said...

What fun happy mail!!! Gotta love bling :) The fabrics are cute too! I wish I could squeeze a top or dress into the budget!

Kristie Maynard said...

I had wonderful mail today too. I have been very lucky recently and today I got 3 packages in the mail. 2 of them prizes I have won from a blog hop and the other a ton of QKR Stampede stamps that I partly won and partly received for making cards for them for their first trade show. I'm gonnal have fun this weekend!!!

Patti Smith said...

Oh I love bling!! great happy mail day...isn't it fun to get a surprise like that...
love all the fabric!!

Kristin said...

You're so very welcome! I had fun putting it together.

Nanabells said...

Great fabric! I love fabric. I used to sew a little bit and I loved going into the fabric store. I've transferred that to scrapbook paper! ha ha What a strange man you encountered in Wendy's - and rude!! It takes all kinds in this world, I guess. have a great weekend!!

Kelly Sas said...

Well, I guess I would say you had a good day... great fabric, lunch with a gf, happy mail... and a man who noticed your hair, that's not something men usually do! tee hee
My day was great. Love the brown and blue fabric. Please post pics of the dresses you make out of these fabrics.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I am so behind on looking at your blog! The story about the guy at Wendy's is an interesting one!