Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~How to make a rock collecting bag?!~

Good morning!!

I know right?? You have ALWAYS wanted to make
a rock collecting bag!! LOL
I know it may seem like an odd idea and very simple
but here is my special rock collecting bag using
Imaginisce Dino Roar goodies.

Did you know you can buy canvas bags (small ones) in a 3 pack
at Hobby Lobby for like 3.00? With your coupon it's like nothing.

You remember this bag right?
Since I made this bag my son has been asking me to make
him a rock collecting bag, and a bag for his Hot Wheels.

Well here is my dilemma....he will break it.
Let's just face it, do I want to put a bunch of lace and paper and glue
on a bag he will break and everything will be ripped off?
Not really...
when Imaginisce sent me the Dino Roar line and I saw
the fabric stickers, I got to thinking
Why not make him a scaled down safer version
of mommy's pretty bag!
So I grabbed my sewing machine and my Aleene's Fabric Fusion
*which I have to say does NOT string up at all when using! Loves it!*
And I went to town.
Now this is not heavily embellished or super fancy,
but it is all glued down and stitched so it will last.

I took one bag and CUT off the front, I used No Fray from Dritz,
and frayed the edges a little by hand, then put the No Fray on.
Then I went to work on the Dino Roar canvas layout
(because basically that is what it was after I had it ready)
After finishing the stitching on the Dino, and the border pieces and
chipboard. I glued down the canvas piece to another bag
I had misted using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.

I am telling you, I am seriously considering making these
for all my nieces and nephews on the coast for their shell collecting!
It was easy, fun, and inexpensive!

I think that 1 of each pack of embellishments
should make at least 5 bags if not 8.

WOOT! :) OK it's not my fancy scrapping but I had a ball
and my boy is the happiest rock collector in all of TN right now!

~Thanks for popping by and sayin' hey to this silly crafter~
~Have a fantastic day today!~


Nicole Laird said...

Can you get any more frickin' wonderful and talented?! You're amazing!! I so wanna steal this idea to make bags for my kiddos elementary teachers...and fill 'em with an altered clipboard and altered comp book and stuff!! Fab!!

Pinky said...

That is a GREAT idea Nicole! OMG GREAT IDEA!

StampinCathy said...

WOW! I just love your first bag and your son's bag is totally AWESOME! Thanks for inspiring me with your creative talent. I hope one day we can meet.

TracyP said...

Girl you freakin ROCK! Kaci would LOVE a Rock collecting bag!

Liz said...

What a sweet story and it is very boyish and I think it's adorable.
I just need to get the sewing down.

ShoppingTamii said...

oh my gosh!!!!! I love these bags, and I DO think you should make them for all the kiddos in your life...they would cherish them!

Dawn said...

Who wouldn't want a rock collecting bag like that? It is to darn cute!
Glad your little one loves it.

Christine said...

umm if you made bags...i would buy them. i'm moving to a place where no plastic bags are allowed. all my shopping is done with my own bags. love.

Pinky said...

You know I forgot about that in Germany and those areas! You will be using bags alot!

Renee77 said...

What a great bag for the kiddo's rock collecting I need to make one for my little brother!

Bass Family said...

Loving this bag. So cute and a great idea. XoXo Niki_Ray

MaRLeNeF said...
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MaRLeNeF said...

so stinking cute Pinky!!! now your Facebook posts make sense to me lol :)

Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

great craft Pinky!

Kray said...

I agree....can you get anymore frikin' wonderful and talented?????

Once again....very cute!!!

Dawn said...

This is such an adorable idea! I love how your bag turned out! My kids need one too :) Thanks for sharing!!

Nanabells said...

Well, I think it's fantastic!!! You are so creative and talented. He is one lucky boy to have you for a mom!

Jocelyn said...

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim. said...

I love, love, love this idea and it is perfect for what your son wanted. I can think of so many reasons to make one of these.
Kim xXx

melody said... those bags are frikken KEWL! totally WUV WUV WUV that first one..omg...........send it to me! your rawk're talent is amazing!

Patti Smith said...

Oh I love the "rock collecting" bag..what a great idea and I know he loves his own personalized bag. You are so talented my sweet friend!!

Patti Smith said...
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