Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~Making the most out of your scrap dollars!~

I have not had much time to scrap this weekend,
but I did sit down today and play a bit more with my laminator.
Check out this fun flower I made!
Definitely a MONEY SAVER item!
You can use the laminator pockets (very cheap)
OR packaging from anything.
So either way it saves you the 4-6.00 for acrylic embellishments!

I am thinking, tomorrow I will make a video
about making your own clear (ghost or acrylic like) embellishments!
AND of course using alcohol ink on them just like this one.
I am not a huge fan of alcohol inks but I so LOVE
"painting" with them! I love the look of it.
It was fantastic making this flowers and I cannot wait to make more.

On a more personal note, a sign of the times
hit home this weekend.
We received a letter saying we are being kicked out of our home.
The owner is being foreclosed on.
Times are tough for everyone and I understand that it must be rough.
So we are off to look for new housing this week.
please keep our family in your prayers, this was unexpected and
I am very stressed and upset about it all.
We have been very blessed to keep a job and home in this rough economy
so I cannot complain too much, this too shall pass.
Thanks for the support!
Let me know what you think of the video idea!

~Have a great Tuesday~


Crystal said...

oh, pinky i will definitely keep you in my prayers! we had something very similar happen to us two years ago and it was a nightmare. God will definitely keep you close and provide for your housing needs. times are tough right now and while they say the economy is getting better, frankly i think us "little people" are finally feeling the major effects as it all trickles down. take care sweetie!

Crystal said...

oh, and btw, that flower absolutely rocks! i can't wait to see the tutorial so i can make some too! you just do the best tutorials girl!

Liz said...

Adorable project

scrapbookmom79 said...

great flower & i'd love to see the video. So sorry about your housing situation, we went thru some rough stuff like that a couple years ago. Keep your head up & i'm sure you'll get thru it. Best of Luck

Michelle said...

I love the video idea! I am just going crazy wondering how you made the flower! PLEAS SHOW ME...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
Sorry to hear about your having to move! Maybe like us it will turn into a positive thing! We ended up buying our own home when our landlord said she had to sell her house we were living in!

Georgina said...

beautiful flower! and YES on the video idea.. yours are always great....
so sorry to hear about your house... I will be praying for you guys! God MUST have a better home out there for your family! so stay positive and keep the Faith =)

Brenda said...

ohhh Pinky sorry to hear the news of your home...will keep you in prayer. Try your best not to stress( I know this is the hardest part) too much and think of it as a new beginning.You are a very strong lady that is something that I admire in you.
I know what you mean about making the most out of your dollar I was sooo pleased with my self to see what all I created from 1 bamboo placemat!
I really love that flower!!I wondered if ghost images could be cut out I cut some plastic double hearts for a co-workers wedding job with my Cricut.
take care!

Holly said...

wow, the flower is really cool.

On the housing note I'm sorry to hear this. you'll be in our prayers that your needs are met. Take care and I hope something falls into place for you.

Aeify said...

The flower is FANTASTIC...I'd LOVE to see a tutorial on this one. Again am keeping you in our prayers...#6271

Jocelyn said...

Oh Pinky...I know that you must be under an enormous amount of stress and this is so upsetting to have to move!!! Hoping you can find something quickly and in the school district for the boys!!! I love the flower and of course a tutorial would be wonderful!!!! I will hold you and your family close in my prayers and if all fails....come live with me....I always wanted a sister....you would be just perfect!!!! You know I have two grandsons....so we have plenty of boy things in this house!!!! Love ya girlie!!! :)

marla said...

What beautiful flowers. I would love to have some of this stuff to play with. Thanks for a chance.

Nikki said...

very cool video!!!! and good luck with the moving. (((hugs)))

mindakims said...

I made one! Girl, this was so fun! I don't have a purple cow laminator, so I had to use a hambly transperency, but I love the results! Thanks!