Monday, September 21, 2009

~Just another Monday! On the upswing~

Good morning!
After a VERY long weekend, I woke up today with life
on the upswing (I hope) :)
Saturday was the worst...
3 hours in the DR.'s office, yes in fact both boys
have the flu and a bad case of it, and one had a severe ear infection
plus Bronchitis....and Saturday night...Oh boy!
Up every 30 minutes with one or the other!
However, today is a decent day and both boys are on the mend.
Not well but on the mend and they slept a few hours in a row which
was very helpful for this ragged mom LOL!
I did sneak away upstairs yesterday and I was in such low spirits
I decided to finally face and scrap Gage's fall (about a year ago)
I did not get into much detail but I touched on it.
In all honesty it was harder to scrap about his fall and injury,
then my own abusive ex-husband. Because I am an adult and
was able to gain some control, but when your child is hurt you
have NO control and you sit helplessly praying
that they do not die or have permanent damage.

I am pleased the way the LO turned out and
SURVIVOR at Tally always pushes me to dig deep and scrap!
So I am happy this year is going to be just as inspiring!

Ok back to the sick boys! :)
Thanks for stopping by.
Tomorrow I will run the Random Generator for Friday's RAK!

~Have a great Monday~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Oh and BTW if you are near Nashville Sunday! PLEASE contact me!
I will be meeting up with our very own ANGELA
One of the amazing Lead Fiskateers!!!!


Tona said...

Amazing layout! I remember the day he fell. I think the incident touched a lot of us.
Glad to hear that the boys are starting to feel a little better.

Lesa said...

Pinky, glad your boys are diagnosed and being treated. Hope they will be up and about soon. Love the layout (it's gorgeous) but hate that the fall happened--erase that day? Indeed!

Jocelyn said...

Sending the boys get well wishes!!! Great LO.....what wonderful colors!!!! You are so right...erase that day!!!! :)

Sara said...

Hope the boys feel better! That's so rough! Wonderful LO--so touching!

Aeify said...

Another amazing LO from you girl!!! Hope they are feeling better soon.

Crystal said...

girl, if i was close to nashville i would so join ya! know y'all will have a blast! i really, really love this layout! not only do i think it is beautiful and just down right striking and haunting, but perfect in the way you channeled your feelings. scrapping can be such fabulous therapy and i definitely need to explore that side a little bit more too. it is just hard to let it out and put it out there for all to see. you are such a strong woman and are setting wonderful examples for your children! hugs!