Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~Yea, all done!~

*whew* This is officially the very LAST TaG for my Christmas Tag swap! LOL
You would think that I signed up for 50 by how long it took me! No no, only 5 tags! LOL

I had some WONDERFUL NEWS lastnight!
Southernbellescrapper aka AYMEE will be flying into Nashville November 14th!
And staying with me for 4 FULL days! I am just THRILLED!!!!!
I am just waiting on one more friend who might be flying in too!
It will be the first time I have had company stay at my house since Oregon!
And all scrap gf's too! I will be a scrappy fool!
I am ESTATIC!!!!!!!!

I also had some of the most sincere and amazing
comments ever from a few people today!
I am shocked and sooooo blessed today.
OK now back upstairs to scrap and sew!

Have a beautiful day y'all and thanks for coming by!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about tags - I did one tag swap and that was the end of it for me !!! lol

Im sooo glad Amyee is coming to visit you girls will have a BLAST !!!!

Georgina said...

loving the tag!! and how fun that Aymme is coming your way!! woo-hooo!! =)

HeatherQ said...

Swaps always took me so much longer -- I was always worried about my items being "perfect" for someone else. Funny how I don't mind as much when making my own!

Have fun with the Fiskafriendzy! Wish I could be there!!

Cicero's Wife said...

CuUUUUte! I wan't a little RED DRESS for Chirstmassss...I would were this tag!!!!

southernbellescrapper said...

Yeehaw!!! I am so super excited! Girl you have no idea!!! I've already started planning the packing! Hee hee! Come on November!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cristal...sounds like had a picture perfect day. Your tags are just I said on Just Scrappin....
makes me want to start all over again, but its a little to late for that!

Holly said...

Cute tags!

How fun to be having company. Hope you guys have a great time!

Melissa Fiskateer #2396 said...

Cute, cute, cute!
I might need to make a few Christmas tags this year, too. I've never done that before.