Sunday, October 12, 2008

~Busy weekend!~

Gotz me a new haircut, took the boys to the Pumpkin Farm, went shopping for Groceries AND got the rest of the costume fabric...PLUS I almost finished 3 costumes!
~Whew~ Bring on Monday babay!
I had no time to you set aside time every day to scrap or does it revolve around life?

I try to scrap every day but let's face it, I have 3 kids and a husband.
No maid, no grandparents close babysitter, so scrappin is low on my list!

OK on to scrapping news

Just Scrappin'
October 20th-21st
1 Layout Challenge
1 Card Challenge
1 Hour Layout challenge!

The one hour LO challenge was SO popular I decided to do it again!
Here is the prize
a new set of Love Elsi stamps I bought today. Plus I am sure I will throw in more goodies.



Anonymous said...

Im glad you had a great weekend - even though it sounded busy. Im lovin the stamp set - Ill be there as long as my calandar permits !!!!!!!!!!

Little Miss said...

Those pictures from the pumpkin patch are too CUTE! I'll have to check out Just Scrappin.

Cicero's Wife said...

I hear ya on the Busy weekend...but it wasn't Non-productive busy!

connie said...

Looks like fun at the pumkin patch! Another crop YEAH HOPEFULLY this time I will get some scrappin' done.

HeatherQ said...

Whew! Sounds like a very busy time! But it also sounds like you got a lot accomplished! Wish I'd been as productive...

Also wanted to let you know the RAK arrived -- THANKS AGAIN!!!

Maureen said...
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