Sunday, October 5, 2008

~Card Crazy Weekend~

OK cards are NOT my strong suit by any means, but it was Card Making Day yesterday and Treasured Scrapbooking was holding a mini crop so I did a few cards.
PLus I held a CROP at my house yesterday so what better time to scrap! LOL

I did 1 Layout and 1 card during the crop but I had a blast and we
went tot he Local LSS Sassy Scrapper.
I was so happy because a couple months ago I went there and they charged me 6.00 a sheet for Hambly! I bought like 8 sheets but for some reason on 2 they charged me 6.00!
Well, I never had time to go back,
My hubby works when they are open so its rare for me to get in.

Well not expecting a refund I went in yesterday and politely said
"Please tell em the prices as you ring me up because last time
I was overcharged by 6.00 on my Hambly"
You know what??
They REFUNDED my money immediately!

Yes, yes, I am a happy camper!!!
It is a good weekend!

Oh and I know I did not have my weekly RAK yet,

This week has been pretty shitty! But look for one tomorrow!!
BOO~ That's a HINT LOL

Have a beautiful Sunday and Thanks for stopping By!!


maddy hill said...

fabby cards Pinky ! lovvvve the colours !

Georgina said...

OMGosh! that's some expensive Hambly!! glad you got your money back =) YAY!! those cards came out fantastic!! great job girl!! I am loving the 'darin' one and birthday! cool paper!!!

Jackie said...

Great job on those cards Pinky, love them. :) So what else did you scrap? :)

Dana said...

oh those cards are heavenly..don't be hard on yourself! You are wonderful at cards!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cards not your strong suit...PAH! You are so creative and great at all you create!

shaukc said...

Hello Pinky :)

Jenny B in Indy said...

LOVE the last three.. Love those colors! And that's great about getting your money back! Hey, that's a Starbucks Frap and a few sheets of pp for me, you'd bet I'd want my money back, too!

Pinky said...

Hey Shaukc! Good to see ya girl!

Jackie I will post my LO tomorrow I am using it for a challenge in Scrapbooking heaven!

Holly said...

Glad your crop went well and way to go on the refund!

I love the Butterfly card....well you know I'm partial to butterflies.

{raisingAlexis} said...

cute cards!

nancy said...

Your cards are great.

Little Miss said...

That's great they refunded your money. Glad that your crop went so well! Those are some cute cards, good job!