Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snow Falling Ornament Plus Instructions

Hey there friends, 
How crafty do you feel around the holidays? 
It's like asking if a polar bear is white right? LOL 

I created this handmade ornament using a Samantha Walker SVG
file and  CutCardStock paired with Clear Scraps acrylic. 
1. Using heavy duty card stock and SW SVG Oval Frame file- cut 2 in 2 colors. 
2. Trim out Clear Scraps acrylic to fit in between (trim 2 CS acrylic pieces). 
3. Adhere glitter to oner side of the acrylic piece.
4. After glue dries, adhere acrylic sheets together creating sealed glitter snow.
5. Adhere oval frame together alternating frame colors.
6. Adhere two frames together with acrylic in between.
7. Punch hole into top.
8. Add snowflakes and gemstones.
9. Thread ribbon through.

It's actually a heavy duty ornament! :)