Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Theme Luminaries Instructions Included!

 Happy Monday friends, 
Most of you know my son has Autism, this weekend was so cool because he competed
in an archery tournament. You know he quit baseball because the coaches
were s intense with him, he had nightmares and was picked on by
the "cool" archery has been a BLESSING in so many ways.
A sport that he not only seems to be starting well at but also
no one bullies him or YELLS at him to do better or HIT THE BALL!
I love that the sport is coached by officers who care so much.

Anyways he won the "Spirit Award" this weekend. great weekend for him.

Anyways he is so scared of the dark, and lately we have had power outages 
in our area, so I decided to make him these little luminary bags to set
on his dresser when the power goes out. 
Inside they contain a battery operated flameless candle, completely 
safe and perfect to keep him feeling comforted. 
If you go to the Samantha Walker Blog you will find a set of step
by step instructions to make your own using Krylon paint paired with SW cut files!

These would also make wonderful holiday table decor, or even
on your TV stand etc....they are so easy to make and pretty to boot!


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