Monday, January 27, 2014

So Basically Mom...You Love Me..

Good morning Happy monday friends!
I have a few things to share today from TV & Tutorials to Tattoos.

So remember those flowers I created for that box that was on HSN?
Well this weekend there was a tutorial featured on Samantha Walker's blog
that I created for making them.  
And just in case you missed it- here is the video of my box on HSN!
The funny part? I slipped cards in the box in case they needed them
but no one knew LOL so it was cute when she opened the box- 
Next time I will send a warning label! hahaha- 
 Oh and here is the link for the tutorial! :)
So excited to be back with SW and the gang! :) 

 And a VERY special even this weekend, for a few months now I 
have wanted an Autism tattoo- and a month ago I sent an idea to my 
artist Renee Johns in Nashville at Avenging Art Tattoo Shop. 
This tattoo is what she and I came up with and this last Friday night
I sat for 4 hours and had it done!
It says simply "I will fight your fight" and it's an incredibly touching tribute to
my amazing boy with Autism and his struggles. 

He asked me what "I will fight your fight means" I told him
to think of it like a boxing match, when he has trouble with school,
or bullies, or anything, I will always be there to help him and
fight for him. He said "So basically mom you love me"...well ya kid- 
I guess that about sums it up doesn't it?

He loved the idea and loves the tattoo- he saw it when 
I got home and said "SO COOL MOM".
I know my whole life seems to revolve around Autism right now
and I am probably boring some of you. 
But when your child is sick- you go to the mat and you stay there
until it's I am very proud to share my tattoo with everyone today! :) 

Muah! Thanks for all your love and support! 
Be back tomorrow with another cool project!


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Belinda Basson said...

Oh my word you are brave! 4 hours of someone poking you with a needle! OUCH! Though I am with you on the "fight your fight" thing for him. He will need it for years to come. He is so lucky to have a mom like you.