Friday, January 24, 2014

Autism Mom Copes Post~

Good morning friends, Happy Friday.
You know occasionally I interrupt my crafting wonders (lol) for a
REAL LIFE post- or Autism post. 

I think this photo says it all- it encompasses every person his age he meets- 
he melts down very loudly and  the other child looks at him like...
what the hell man? LOL It's pretty cute because this little boy is
very sweet with Gage- but we all feel this way at times when he is screaming. 
As some of you know we STILL cannot get the school to acknowledge
my son's Autism or give us any assistance in any way because his grades 
are very good. He came home with honor roll again. 

It's funny that they admit he has dexterity issues and clearly social
issues but since he has good grades they are not responsible to give
any assistance. So now I let him fail- or we go on with no help. 
I find neither a viable option. I really despise TN schools right now. 
So the fight and struggle, frustration, and despair continues.

On the bright side we went to Ohio to visit friends and had a day of
sledding which I expected to be mayhem of meltdowns, but I was 
surprised with only 2 slight meltdowns. 

I think the sledding was freeing for him and he loved flying down the hill.
I so love this boy! LOVE!
 He has always loved swinging and I think sledding gave him great peace.
 I also think being around friends who don't judge and accept him 100%
makes it so much easier. It was a wonderful trip. 
 Here he is with a strange dog names Biscuit- this was one of his meltdowns
the dog acted like he was giving him the led but in fact ran off with it! LOL
My little man did not find this nearly as amusing as we did on the hill above.

So two things caught me this week and I mean CAUGHT ME!
This is the first- before we had a diagnosis of Autism I admit I allowed
people to say things about my son and "tolerate" him. They would say
"well I would have him over but he cries" or "I would like to have him around
but it's just too hard". OR "I will take your other kids I just can't handle him".
What I have realized is- the ONLY people who should be in our family 
or friend circle are those willing to take the extra moment to see how incredible
my AUTISTIC son is. And if we have no one but our family left
then so be it, because if you cannot LOVE a child with special needs, 
then your a giant dick anyways! 
And we are so very blessed with people who go out
of their way to love my son and they see how amazing he is. 
So I know those people exist. Unfortunately that means the others
just have to go find their perfect friends and love them, because
clearly we are not good enough for them. 

The second thing I noticed was this.
Guess what? ALL my children always have been and always will be a blessing
so NO my son is not giving me a hard time, he is coping the best way
he can. He is not some malicious child out to do harm, he is overwhelmed,
over stimulated, and has so much pain and so many sensory issues
going on that it's like a torture chamber. 

So get up and help me or get over it and walk away- because I love this
kid and I am protecting him NOT spoiling him.

Yea, I am a little rough today but it's been a long week and momma
feels it all too, it just goes into her heart and sits there while she's 
dealing with everything else going on! :) 

Muah! Love ya thanks for stopping by and listening to my Autism Life!!


Belinda Basson said...

As always I salute you. You are so right about him not giving you a hard time, but having one himself. I think this is the best description of Autism I have heard.

Pinky Hobbs said...

Thank you Belinda! :)