Friday, November 1, 2013

New Tortures...NEW KIT! LOL

Good morning and welcome November,
Torture time for my boys!

So my boys HATE and I mean HATE it when I put door hangers
on the doors- and every Christmas I put bells, signs, and all sorts of door hangers
on each door and giggle when they get mad at me. 

This year I decided to torture them a little more and make Fall Door Hangers too. 
I know I am the meanest mom ever, BUT I am the only girl
if I want door hangers by gawd then I am having them! LOL
Grab them while they last!
from the kit and Ribbons Unlimited from my stash. 
Ok back to creating, I have 2 new classes coming up and I am excited.
Happy November 1st my friends!


1 comment:

Deborah said...

Well to bad so sad for the men/boys you have in the house they will have to get over it! If they really don't want them send one or two to me lol. I think they're beautiful. Have a great day.