Monday, November 25, 2013

Candy Sleds For The Holidays- Pinky Style

Good morning friends,
I though it would be fun to post a Christmas idea that
EVERYONE can do even if you are not a crafter!

I had seen a version of these candy sleds before and
thought I would make it my own and change it up a bit. 
When I was creating them my gf kept saying how fun
it was to use leftover wrapping paper and how easy it would 
be to do with children since there was no hot glue involved. 
Also no chocolate is melted!! BONUS! :) Everything remains edible. 
All you need it wrapping paper scraps, scissors, candy canes, 
candy- I suggest Kit Kat bars, little candy bars in varying sizes
use the Xyron® 5" Creative Station™if you wanted. *optional*
First wrap the Kit Kat bar using Xyron® 3/8" High Tack Adhesive Dots
it's much easier than using tape for these small candy cards. 
Next place 4-5 Xyron® 3/8" High Tack Adhesive Dots along 
the bottom of each side. 
Adhere to the candy canes. 
This creates the base of the sled while maintaining the integrity 
of the candy cames and keeping the candy bar from melting. 
Next wrap 3 mini bars together. 
Now you can do this with the Xyron® 3/8" High Tack Adhesive Dots
OR the Xyron® 5" Creative Station™ by trimming the wrapping
paper to the right size. 
Running it through the Xyron® 5" Creative Station™ and 
creating a BIG sticker. 
Easy peasy to wrap that way. 
Santa's candy gifts into place. 
Repeat with 2 mini cards then one. 
Wrap twine or ribbon around- add a bow! 
That's it! Easy- safe to make even for kids. Great for that accent by
a gingerbread house too!
Anyone can make these just give it a go! :)


Ange said...

SO CUTE!! Love them!

jordanbev5 said...

Pinky you just SLEIGH me in how many great ideas you have! Pinned this one, too!

yyam said...

Love this sweet idea! :)