Tuesday, July 24, 2012

~Courage- Not Alway Obvious~

 Good morning my perfectly lovely friends,

I wanted to share this PIN I made, and it's all about courage today. 
I guess when I think of courage I automatically think about that soldier
who fights on another day or that fire fighter who rescues those in danger.

But as I created this PIN I sat and thought about true courage,
what courage really can mean. That really "hidden" courage of the mom
who stays strong because her family needs her to be, because the children
need to see her smile. Or that wife who is afraid is she isn't strong then
her husband may not survive another year. 
Or that Cancer survivor who faces one more Dr. visit, not wanting to go
in the door....to afraid to hear the results yet pushes through with COURAGE
and lives to fight another day. 
Or the parent who makes those tough decisions, not knowing is they
are right or wrong, but deciding anyways- fingers crossed it is the right
move for their child. Because no one can see the future. 
That's courage. I guess really every day you can find courage. 
To be perfectly honest I don't know many people who don't have 
courage, the only difference between them and that hero is...
no one really sees what happens day to day, but I see nothing
less them hope and inspiration. 

Yes it's been one of those weeks already, so yes
I choose to see the courage today, because without courage I won't
see the hope and what is life without a little hope. 

I am known for my raw honest blog posts and today is one of those days
to work out the kinks and emotion in my mind. 

I made this pin with courage in mind...you can find the step by 
step for it here. 
 I would encourage you to make one for someone
who has amazing courage but doesn't get noticed. 
I know you know that person....we all do. 

Have a beautiful and courageous day~


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