Thursday, July 19, 2012

~Bella's Banner, DOUBLE Banner~

Good morning crafty friends, 
I wanted to share a special project with you today....

This is a banner design I created using my Zutter Bind-It-All
and beautiful Momenta papers. But this is not your average banner!
The banner has layers, so it's a beautiful PARTY banner or
if you flip it to the next page it is the perfect bedroom banner! 
I thought it would be so cool to create layered banners-
very multi purpose. Not just a party banner I would use once
but one I could use for many season/reasons. 
Just think you could create a winter/summer banner. 
Any theme and put them all together using the Bind-It-All! :)
You can check out the step by step instructions including
step out photos on the Bind-It-All Blog! :) 
The Momenta paper and embellishments were perfect for this fun
girly banner, I love all the colors! :)

Happy Thursday my friends,
I know I am behind, this week just blew me out of the water.
I will be back in full swing next week I promise.
I also have some prizes to announce, so stay tuned!
MUAH, thanks for your friendship.



Kelly Sas said...

Awesome idea Pinky!!!! You are so amazing it is beyond belief! NOW I HAVE to get a Zutter!!!

Christa said...

Beautiful design and colours here. I adore your lacey ribbons as accents