Monday, July 23, 2012

~Busy Sewing Purses!~

Good morning my crafty friends, 
I wanted to share with you what kept me extremely quiet last week. 
I was busy hunkered down in my craft room SEWING!

 IF you think that there are not people who care in this world
I have to say you are wrong. You may not know it, but there are people 
who see things and randomly step up to make life a little more fun
for others. If you don't think they exist then BE THAT PERSON! :) 

Maybe you can't sew a purse but maybe you can pay for the fabric
or stand up and use your craftiness for kindness. 
Every kind act counts~

I have never made a real purse before, 
but I had a special reason, so I decided to make 3 purses for a friend. 
I had to ask another friend to help me because I don't know
her tastes very well, so we chose polka dots for this normal sized purse.

My gf April stepped up and paid for most of it too, which was so sweet.

We also found 2 VERY big patterns for 2 more awesome purses!
When I set my mind to a project I just have to hunker down and get it done. 
These are all 100% cotton washed in pure soap, so they would be very
safe and non-allergenic to use. 

We found this fun "postcard" print in green. 
 And I had the most amazing vintage wood button to use. 
And yes this is an INSIDE zipper pocket! LOL
I was so proud!
 I made coordinating cosmetic bags for each one.
 I was really tickled how they turned out so professionally.
 It was an amazingly fun project with alot of heart and soul put into it. 
I found this fabric and thought it would make a cute third purse :) 
This one was more basic but every girl needs a basic hug bag, you know...
to tote those kids toys, Pokemon cards, snacks or whatever else the kids
come and say "Can you hold this?" LOL 
 Anyways it was a fun project and I am sure it was worth it. 
I handed them off to be given to her this weekend. 
And that's what kept me quiet last week :) Oh and baseball of course LOL
We played last weekend and lost, but it was a FULL weekend
of baseball tournament games. 
This week we began fall ball...OH to be a mother of 3 boys! I LOVE IT!
Have a wonderful Monday my friends...
Step up today and be that person who makes a difference!!



Liz said...

it does look professional very nice

Kris Berc said...

These are WONDERFUL! I love them all!