Sunday, May 29, 2011

~Memorial Weekend Fun **PIcture Heavy**~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I have been busy this weekend with family and friends, so I thought
I would share just a snippet of the pictures I took this weekend so far.

Most of these are from the aquarium visit we took to Chattanooga...
I was very disappointed with my camera this no judging LOL
Poor beat up butterflies, it is supposed to be a sanctuary but man
the wired windows beat them to a pulp.
Beautiful plants.

Gage looking at the alligators.
I like Tut-les...hehehe
Hey Frog....I like you too!
Justice loves hi fish! Where's my pole mom??!

The boys graciously posing
Done yet mom??
Starfish rocks!
The boys posing yet again....they love me!
Climbing on the water art outside the aquarium.

Where we were in the first pictures...

The ONLY otters I got to see :(
I love otters but they were sleeping.
We had a good time :)
Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!



Jenrex4 said...

Great pictures!! Hope you have a great weekend with your family.

Scrapfaire said...

So sorry you didn't see the otters....they are HARD to photograph... I had to put my camera on the sports setting and just point at one spot and hold in the clicker LOL!

Jocelyn said...

Great pics...looks like a FUN time!!!

Wishing you a Happy Day!!!

Michelle said...

That first butterfly photo is fantastic!! all of your photos are really good!!! Zoo/aquarium/animal photos can be tough. I have plenty of fuzzy ones!! MN Zoo has 3 different kinds of otters! They are very hard to photo. They are either sleeping or moving so fast!!! I will look through my photos. If I have a good otter one I will send it to ya!! :)

Reilly / Bree said...

Yeah - somewhere I know - I have actually been there!!! Great photo's especially of the boys and looks like everyone had a great day

Ziggyeor said...

great photos! I love the one of the butterfly you got opening it's wings to show the blue! I went to a butterfly sanctuary in Georgia and I could never get a picture of the inside of it's wings. I did take a picture of a white butterfly that had landed on my white tennis shoes and my Dad had wondered why I had wasted the picture!

Tona said...

I think that your photos turned out great! It looks like the family had a wonderful time.

{raisingAlexis} said...

Great photos, Pinky! looks like you all had a great time ...

Gina said...

Gorgeous photos! I was there last weekend too and we never saw the otters either. Love your butterfly shots, mine were a little blurry because a four year old was trying to rush me!