Saturday, May 28, 2011

**Giveaway & More Vacation Fun**

Good morning from beautiful TN!

I have one more project to share from the Happy Camper/Imaginisce line.
Ok you know me too well, I actually have a tucked away project for next week,
BUT for now I will share this card I made using the Clear Scraps Expression
(small size) I painted the back and glittered the front.
It was a fun and unique way to use the Happy Camper line.
Yesterday Clear Scraps POSTED A GIVEAWAY!!
An album of you choice (Your word) in either acrylic or chipboard
or MIXED!!!! GO HURRY enter now! Last week they only had 10 comments
so you could totally WIN!!!

Also don't forget you might have a few hours left to enter
to win the brand new Happy Camper line from Imaginisce!
Good luck and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Yesterday we hit Chattanooga for the TN Aquarium, it was fun
and today I am hitting the road to find fresh strawberries and make
home made freezer jam! :) I am very excited, I have missed
making it since we moved away from Oregon.

Happy Saturday....



Bee's hive said...

Incredible! You are SO inspiring!

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah cute card! Have fun making Jam.

Larisa said...

Happy Vacation!! Great card!

Reilly / Bree said...

I am hearing that the tiny wild strawberries are exceptional this year - just have to find a patch of them !!! Have a great weekend.

Chelle said...

Cute card..glad you had fun.