Thursday, May 26, 2011

~Happy Camper Reveal **GIVEAWAY TOO**!~

Good morning my crafty friends!!!!

I had so much fun yesterday...AFTER the stress LOL
In an attempt to help me while I was in KY my husband
put an extra table in my craft room and in the process he
put many items "away" that I need and use.

One of these items was the Happy Camper supplies I needed from Imaginisce.
I looked for 6 hours before he remembered that he had put them in a tote,
put a lid on it, then stacked boxes on it and put it in the corner!

Man oh man...LOL Anyways I still had time to play since I had all my
projects planned out before I began.

The first one is a layout using the brand new Happy Camper line!
I also used a piece of "REAL WOOD" paper because this line makes
me want to break out the s'mores!
This picture was borrowed from my girl Nicole, she is very sassy
so using the "Take a Hike" strips was perfect!
Now that you are done looking at my layout, GO ENTER TO WIN
on Imaginisce!!!!!!
They always have a giveaway with the new releases!

Also I had to share this quick picture of my oldest son Brad.
He just got contacts and this was his first baseball game.
He only got to play once and struck out but he is older so it's just
not as fun as being 8 and getting to play every inning!
None the less it was fun to go to his first game! :)

Alrighty I am off to cook for these boys...they eat me out of house
and home in the summer, so I better start baking now.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!



Kray said...

This Happy Camper line is so cute!

Also, Brad is becoming a very nice looking young man!

Jocelyn said...

What an adorable line!!! Love it!!!!

That pic of your son is perfect!!!

Wishing you a great day!!!

Chelle said...

Glad you found your stuff...saw that on facebook. I always bring a book with me to baseball games when my kids were playing. Great layout and photo.

Crafty Diva said...

Great LO - and very sassy! That's a great photo of your son. I love the colors and clarity! Plus the angle is great.

Tona said...

Love your layout. I really like the real wood piece you added to it. You also showed that this line can be used for something other then camping photos.
I haven't tried them yet today, but blogger hasn't let me leave comments on Imaginese's blog for a couple of days now. Very fruatrating....
At least I can comment here though :)

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah on finding the paper! I wouldn't have thought to look in the totes either :p

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Great LO! Glad he was able to remember where he put the stuff. lol! :-)

Heather (goldiecar) said...

The layouts are lovely. So is knowing that I'm not the only one with a "helpful" husband :)

Kim. said...

Great layout and loving the wood paper it is so effective. It is good to know there are a few of us with 'too helpful a husband' lol.
Kim xXx