Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~More Berrylicious Fun, Giveaway & Chicken Update!!~

Good morning! I told you this week was going to be FUN!

Imaginisce is on day 3 of the Berrylicious Release PARRTAYY!
Today is card and this is my card, I used my Cricut Imagine to create the BEE
and the TITLE of this card (Sentimentals Cart.)and I had so much fun misting!
You can see I used my i-rock of course and my favorite glue from Glue Arts
the Glue Glider Pro and the UCUT foam adhesive!
I even hand stitched on this bad boy LOL
GO HURRY! Try to win on the Imaginisce Blog!

I have not posted a chicken update for a while now, but I know
some of you are curious. We get between 7-10 eggs daily
even in the 8 degree weather they lay at least 6-7 eggs.

Since the boys had the day off I had them take the chickens outside
for some bugs and pecking, it always seems to perk the girls up.
I know these boys are ready for baseball and spring!
Chicken butts! ♡♥♡♥♡

And of course the ever faithful companion Daffodil.
She never bothers the chickens, just watches them.

We are planning on getting 5 more chicks in a few weeks and they will be
carefully hand raised. BECAUSE we need a rooster! Once we have a rooster
we will be able to raise our own chickens from now on.

I have a special giveaway when this Berrylicious madness ends! :)
Please stay tuned to my blog and send your friends!
~Thank you for stopping by~



The Scrapbook Speedway said...

cuuute card. i love the spritzing. i still can't seem to master that yet....

anyway, thanks for the pic of the chickens and stuff.... i love peeking into your life. although....not too sure about the chicken butt....ROFL!

Reilly / Bree said...

Love the card - but LOVE those chickens !!!! They look wonderful. Back home in OZ just about everyone has chooks (as we call them) in their backyards and I grew up always having them, we had Bantums with the fluffy feet, small eggs but they are the sweetest chooks. We also call the eggs cackleberries. So why no scrap page on your chickens yet?

joni said...

I love your Bee Happy card! So dang cute!!! I am loving the Berrylicious Release!!!! Love your lil chickies too! I would love to have fresh eggs everyday...but will have to live vicariously through you! They are actually very pretty chickies too! TFS

Pinky said...

Bree, I have about 20 chicken pages scrapped so far.

Scrap Vamp said...

That is an adorable card! I love the honeycomb pattern on it and that be is gorgeous! Love the update on the chickens! Wish I could have chickens but due to zoning laws, it's not possible.

Kim A. said...

I love the card. The boys are cute. What kind of dog is that? She seems to be in charge.

Drayia said...

Love the chicken pics. They are very pretty colours and such a wonderful chicken dog to sit there and watch them. I think we are all ready for some spring weather. LOVE you card and loving the Berrylicous line.

Kelly Sas said...

Oh Pinky I LOVE this card! Love the behive background and that you even popped one out, the hand sewn flight of the bee and how do you get each bling spaced and placed so straight??? Thanks for the great chicken pictures and update. Chicken butts are the best!

Tona said...

Thanks for the chicken update. I always enjoy hearing about them. Are you prepared to be woken up by the rooster crowing every morning?
Loved your project too by the way :)

Manhattan Mandie said...

Great card!!! I love the bling <3 Thanks for the chicken update too :) They are so beautiful!

Dawnll said...

What a fun bee card and I love the honeycomb look...even the hand stitching.
Oh I love seeing the chickens- great colors you have. Hope you get lucky and find a rooster nothing better then the crowing..LOL

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Nice card! I always love your dsigns. It is so fun to get an update about your chickens. I am sure your boys will e glad when there is warmer weather and they can get out and play!

Jenny said...

Love those pics of your chickens. Any decision on bees yet?

MaRLeNeF said...

Got a little something for ya over at my blog: Come on over to check it out :) xxx Marlene

Tu Js said...

We had chickens as a kid growing up in Tennessee. They used to scare me to death. You are one very brave lady!