Friday, February 4, 2011

~Happy Friday...GIVEAWAY DAY!~

Good morning amazing craft world!!!

I have to laugh at myself today because I saw 198 comment
on the Cricut Cartridge giveaway post and thought
"Ok we did not make it to 200, it's ok I will go give it away anyways...close enough"
I signed on to blog and there were 20 more comments LOL

Thanks again Cricut Circle!!!
Just a reminder this is the giveaway

After sifting through and putting all the names into
One name came up as #1....
Blogger Debbie said...

YEAH for Giveaways ! Thanks for your inspiration in the Cricut Mag. You work is awesome ! I am now following your blog too for even more inspiration :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please Debbie, wherever you are email or message me
in whatever forum and I will send this off right away!

THANK YOU ALL for coming in and commenting and following.

I always say it and I will say it again....the more followers
the more goodies the companies give me to GIVEAWAY!
If I ever get extras they go right on this blog for you! :)

~Happy Friday everyone!!!!!~
~Thank you so much~


Larisa said...

Congrats for Debbie!

hilde janbroers said...

congrats Debbie!!

Josie0602 said...

Congrats to Debbie!!

bybullcreations said...


Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

Congrats Debbie!!!

Kelly Sas said...

Happy for you Debbie. Have a great weekend Pinky!

{VICKI} said...

Congrats Debbie!

miislucky said...

Congrats! I just want to say I was the same way and I didn't let my kids date-date until they were 16 either (2-girls & 1-boy) no exceptions for them. I did however let them go out with groups/friends supervised, lol. I know it's a big MOM moment when your 1st goes on a kinda date and your excited and nervous and unhappy all at once. I wish you and your family the best!