Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~Do you YuDu? I do! & Holiday Traditions~

Good morning!
I have been playing with my YuDu this week in the midst
of all the chaos. You know I tell it like it is...I do tell the truth on my blog.

I thought i was not going to like it...but I cannot tell you how much
fun it is!!!! Oh I love it! I have already done 3 shirts and a couple of
Provocraft projects plus this pillow for the holidays
I love the simple elegance.
No I will not be the next 6 color printer but for basic awesome screen
printing, it works like a charm!
Plus I am thinking of making panels that I can velcro on
to the pillow covers and change them out every season! :)

For this Gingerbread man I cut it out in black on my Cricut
using the Winter Frolic cartridge, then I scanned it in my computer
and printed it onto my transparency.
Next goal?? Open my Imagine!!!!!
Oh and make a YuDu video....

By the way, I was worried about how clean the print would
be and you can see it prints the image clean.
Wait until you see the next Cricut Circle magazine and my YuDu project~~

Ok I am off to bake and prep today, last night I made my Jell-o
it's the beginning of my prep work! Today- pies and cookies.

After we moved away from all of our family in Oregon
I decided (ok me and hubs decided) that we would begin
our own family traditions.

One of them is that I make Jell-o Parfaits in individual glasses
and we break out special holiday goblets.
It is so silly but I wanted to make something special for my boys
and something they would remember year after year.
I think this year I will take pictures and scrap about the JELLO! haha

What are your traditions?
~Happy Wednesday everyone~
~Thank YOU for popping by~


Summer said...

OMG! This is such a cute idea! My MIL bought me the YuDo like 2 years ago I have finally just opened the box and now do know what to do with it. I would love a video. Do you like YuDo is easier/better than using the imagine to print on printable iro-on transfer??

Jocelyn said...

Love that gingerbread man...tooo cute!!!

I think making new Holiday Traditions is just wonderful!!!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Kim. said...

Oh wow Pinky this is fabulous, love that gingerbread man.
We don't celebrate thanksgiving here but for our Christmas tradition:- As a whole family of about 20 we each select a name out of a hat and you have to buy a present for that person (only a token gift of around $5 - $10) then you wrap it and place it under the tree, only recipients name added. The game is then to guess who brought it for you from the clues of the gift but if you can't guess (all guesses are written down so no cheating) you have to forfeit it to charity. Our local hospital always ends up with a nice pile of gifts!!
Have a wonderful holiday yourselves and I hope your son is better in time to join in with the festivities.
Kim xXx
p.s I won a lovely package from Imaginisce yesterday, thanks for recommending them to me.

Bass Family said...

This is so awesome. I love that you went the simple route on it..I also think it would be super easy to "jazz" it of if need be. Tradition in the Bass house tends to be a little hectic when you have 18 people in one house for Thanksgiving..oh and add six dogs into the mix (watch those tails guys) But in the last few years it has been a tradtion to try new year it was yams with orange peel (aside from the normal yams with marshmallow) It will be interesting to see what the mystery dish is this year...and of course FOOTBALL! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Pinky and family XoXo Niki_Ray

Lindy said...

Your pillow is sooo super cute. I love your new family tradition of jello. So simple and sweet. Would love to see the scrap pages.

Have a fabulous holiday Pinky!

Hugs ~ Lindy

ShoppingTamii said...

hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
No real traditions here...we actually spent the last 5 or so away from home (the best one was on a cooking!). This year my newly engaged daughter, her fiance, my (not newly) separated sister (and her two kids) who finally decided to not spend the holiday with her soon-to-be exes, and hopefully my mom and dad (if my severly depressed mom can make it out of the house), and of course my other two kids and hubby...are all here---guess what? I haven't even been to the grocery store yet LOL! Thank goodness my soon to be son-in-law is a cook :)

Liz said...

Omg I remember those as a little girl I just talk to my mom about those parfaits a couple months again I think it was Jello 1 2 3 I don't se them anymore she use to make them and they were divine..
how fun.....
What a cute Idea No I do not Yudo I have to see it work... I'm not sure it's for me.. but great pillow..
Thank you for being a crafty gal videos, sharing.. I have a grateful post to you all that design video and share with the rest of us... Hugs and thanks for the share Happy Thanksgiving

Manhattan Mandie said...

Love the gingerbread man! So cute!!!

Tona said...

Cute pillow. I like your idea of making velcro panels to change it out with the seasons.
After 2 days without power I'm playing catch up around here. I just got my pie in the oven & the last of the laundry done.

Kray said...

This is such a cute idea!

Rhonda V. said...

That pillow is adorable!!! I think your jellow parfait idea is wonderful! I might have to try that one out with my little dudes!

: ) So fun to read your review on the Yudu too! (Hugs!)

melody said... that pillow ~ that's totally kewl! and what a neat tradition with the jello!