Saturday, November 6, 2010

~Be Thankful Blog Hop = GREAT PRIZES! Hope On In!!~

Good morning to all my amazing friends out there!
Are you ready for an AMAZING BLOG HOP?!!

♥Here is my project which I intend to fill with my
"Thankful Moments" that have been throughout the year♥
I took a basic 8X8 Unibind book, and the Scraptastic Club
November PYRUS KIT, plus my handy dandy Glue Arts
Glue Glider Pro glue and put it altogether for this fun mini album.
Ok it's not a mini album but I am going to make it one :)
♥And this is what I am thankful for♥
After all that is what this hop is all about.
This year has been am amazing mix of blessings and change
one of the biggest is growing and flourishing in the craft world.
My short thankful list (I have more but it would take the blog over)

1. Meeting amazing crafters from all over the world who
have the most genuine amazing hearts and have become even
more amazing friends.

2. The health of my beautiful boys, and the lovely country home we now have.

3. Our chickens, our amazing cycle of life chickens, it has been a lovely
experience I would not trade for anything.

4. The gift of TRUE friendship which has allowed me to see that their are people
just like me out there and it's ok to surround yourself by strength and KINDNESS.

5. 36 years of mobility and freedom, which I pray I have never taken for granted
and I pray this year will allow me the same :)

Ok on to the BLOG FUN!!!!!

If you are like me you love blog hopping
but you love GIVEAWAYS even more!!!!!
I have some special sponsors today....

Each company has offered up a generous prize
here is what I need you to do to qualify for the prize


#2 "like" or FOLLOW the links listed from the companies
who sent the awesome prizes valued at over 200.00 today!

#3 Leave a comment letting me know which ones you did
That's it!
Not bad right? Not bad for these rockin' prizes!

I will also have one great prize from me
for one lucky person whose name I see on EVERY blog hop link :)
So leaving a comment on every blog in the blog hop
counts! I know there is also one on the Pink Cricut Blog.

Here are the prizes
Glue Glider Pro, a refill of their choice, Ribbon Adhesive
and our Extreme Adhesive Squares.
This is a retail value of $33.00
Thank YOU GLUE ARTS! My very dependable glue!

This is their FAN PAGE you must "LIKE" in order
to qualify to win! Tell them you came from Pinky's (or the Blog Hop)

A BRAND NEW UNIBIND Photobook Creator System
You will be able to create your own photobooks right away!!!!

This is their FAN PAGE you must "LIKE" in order
to qualify to win! Tell them you came from Pinky's (or the Blog Hop)
photobook creator Pictures, Images and Photos
A Brand NEW KIT FROM Scraptastic Club!!!!!
There are 2 ways to enter for this....
You can "Like" on their Fan page and or JOIN their website!
2 entries if you do BOTH!
Scraptastic Club Website *FREE*

BONUS will get 3 times in the drawing if your comment
includes your favorite layout in the DT gallery!!

Ok One more FUN PRIZE! But it's a doozy!!!!
Not one but TWO Clear Scraps ACRYLIC BANNERS!!!!!!!!

For this one you must FOLLOW the Clear Scraps BLOG
and please tell them PINKY sent ya somewhere! :)
Maybe comment? *hint*

Ok your next stop on the blog hop is....

and just in case you get lost or not everyone is awake yet
here is the full list *wink*

Now go have fun!
Come back and see me real soon!
I will be giving away a GYPSY soon
and a Cricut Cartridge, you don't want to miss this!

~Happy Saturday and Blog Hopping y'all!~
~See you next time~


Abby said...

Hi! I just became your follower and "liked" Glue arts!!!

I love BASIC GREY!!!

Thanks for the chance!!!!!

rosie said...

Hey Pinky I am thankful for laptops, starbucks and the movie Cars because without them I don't think I could deal with these everyday crisis

Colleen said...

Hi Pinky, I liked all of the sites, have to say that some I had already liked before. For the design team, I loved the layout Up to no good, the little girl reminds me of my little girl when she was little. You could just see the wheels turning in her litle head as to what she could get by with next. Thanks for a chance to play along.

Mrs.Debbie said...

I like you, I've been a follower Love your blog. I'm thankful my family cause they help to buy me stuff.

AmyJ said...

Hi there! I liked Glue Arts and the one below it. I will continue on with the quest and follow your blog as well. Your pumpkin is the coolest thing I've seen! Wish I saw it before Halloween!

Pippa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue said...

I have visited all linked companies and left comments. I especially like the paper and items you used for the book you will be making.

Pippa said...

I was already a follower, I've visited all 11 links and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do so. Pinky you ROCK, I am inspired by your energy and drive, your passion and the amazing work you post, keep crafting.

Josie0602 said...

I became your follower (thanks!! I love adding new blog sites to my reader list!) and I "liked" all the product sites too. Love those acrylic stamps!!

Josie0602 said...

Oh and I forgot to add....Loved Prr Brr on the Design Team Gallery page!!

Becky said...

Good morning Pinky!!
I am already a follower of your blog
I am heading over to post comments on the Facebook pages since I already like them too :) left a comment and followed at Clearsnaps.
the DT layout I like would have to be "up to no Good" it is just plum cute!!!

I am so thankful for my family and the happiness they bring me

cowchipper said...

all ready a follower. Happy blog hopping!


petunia 648 said...

#2 "like" or FOLLOW the links listed from the companies
who sent the awesome prizes valued at over 200.00 today!
And I am now following your blog

Kelly said...

I am thankful for your blog every day and your post on Facebook. I get caught up and forget to scrap and lose my scrappin' mojo, but I know I can count on your to post something that will boost my mojo back up! I've liked all the sites listed when you posted on fb. I've never visited the Scraptastic gallery, thanks for pointing us in that direction. I love the layout using the "saturday in the park kit" by lisa wilkinson. She combines sewing, ribbon and stamping!!

Amy Lee said...

Thank you Pinky for another beautiful creation! I am thankful that I began crafting this year because without it I wouldn't have met so many wonderful ladies that have thaught me so many great lessons and truly have inspired me.

Pammejo said...

Well will try this again, blogger is acting up. I love Glue Arts, my favorite layout was the "The Apple of My Eye" the little boy is precious. Great idea on Clear Scraps with the mobil, I became a follower a week or so ago over there. Visited all of the linked companies and left comments and said you sent me of course, you lead I follow LOL. Love your blog and am just thankful for my live.

Erika said...

I am a follower
Already a fan of glue arts :)
liked Unibind Photobook Creator on FB

I am thankful for my amazing family! They are the BEST!!!

JennyKozar said...

I like everything! Thanks for sharing your creativity - I too am thankful for people like yourself who share so willingly!

Jenny Kozar

sandyh50 said...

That was fun! I went to all the sponsors and most of them I liked before! I liked the Itsy Bitsy Spider layout in the gallery at Scraptastic and became a member.

I am thankful that I get to see my son at Thanksgiving before he leaves for a new job as a computer specialist in Afghanistan!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Pinky for being a daily inspiration of creativity, courage and spunk! Popped over to all the links and followed/sign up to those I wasn't already "liking". You Rock it Ms PinkY!

Nicole said...

Phew, got it all followed, liked and found your comments. Great DP and project!

Kas said...

Most of the companies and blogs I already followed but I did add on to Clear Scraps and the Scraptastic blog.

Kathy Carr said...

I became your follower and I "liked" all the product sites that I didn't already like. Love those acrylic stamps!!

I am thankful for my two children.

JD said...

Beautiful project...

Thanks for all the chances to win!
♥ I'm already a follower. :-)
♥ I "liked" Glue Arts, Photobook Creator, and Scraptastic Club (I love the Happy Birthday / Birthday Bash LO! So cute...)

Khristen said...

I followed a few of the sites you listed already, like Scraptastic Club, but I hadn't joined as a member until now :) I also liked the "Up to no good" layout, I love the curvy papers with the ribbon...makes me think of an artsy quilt! So I think I have satisfied all of your requirements for extra entries and the like, thanks for another great opportunity to win!

Idle Hands said...

I am following you and liked Glue Arts and Unibind. I am thankful for people like you who share their talent so selflessly (no, that is NOT a kiss-up). ; )

Lindy said... it Pinky.

I already follow you, Glue Arts and Clear Scraps. I join the Scraptastic Club and my favorite - which I can't pick just one. Is Carousel or Up To No Good and of course I love your Oh Boots.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband, my dear daughter and all my blogging crafting friends.


Ashley said...

Hello Pinky! I liked and/or followed all of the companies you listed on Facebook and/or the web. My favorite DT layout was Amy Lynn's "Faithfully" -- too sweet and emotionally powerful (to me at least). I am your follower as well! I am thankful for all of my family and friends, including those I am making in the scrapbooking world!! Thanks for all of the giveaways!!


craftymom205 said...

Great project. I have liked or followed all in the list of contributors of prizes.

Michel E

RissyLouToYou said...

Enjoyed the retro fall colors of your project.

skurin said...

Your album cover rocks, as usual. So, I visited ALL of the sites for your generous sponsors. I left comments and followed the ones I wasn't already following/liking. I even joined the Scraptastic site, they have some awesome kits! Who knew?? Well, obviously you did! :-) Today I'm thankful for your hard work and dedication to crafting. Your posts always make me smile.

Stephanie said...

Just poppin' back by to say THANKS for inviting my to this awesome blog hop! I went to every site and I am uber inspired! Thanks again Ms Pinky! You ROCK! :)

Denise said...

I am so thankful for so many things. One is being able to get up this morning and play with my little princess before hopping on this blog.

Lesley from WI said...

I am a follower of your blog and love it! I already followed a lot of the companies but I did add glue arts which I did not have. I am thankful for my wonderful husband of 23 years and my 2 boys. My family is everything to me!! Enjoying the hop!!

Kelly Sas said...

Missed you yesterday Pinky! Ok, I did everything you said. I was already a fan or follower of all except the Scrapkit place and my fav of the DT LO was Amy Bender's cat one. Great LO, but also like cats! Thanks for being the Queen of give-aways!

deb famularo said...

Hey Pinky!!! Okay, I hit 'em all (I think!) lol I adore your album and I love what you are thankful for! What awesome talent out here! Thanks for all you do for the scrapbooking community! You are such an inspiration, and you are always giving back- love you girl! xOxO

Sarah C said...

Wow, love your thankful album. What a fantastic idea.

My favourite LO in the gallery is You Are Beautiful by Heather. It's just adorable xx

Karen S. said...

I'm a follower! I'm thankful for my wonderful husband! Thanks for the chance to win!

Christina said...

Love all the links but I had trouble at clearsnaps. Blogger would not let me comment :( I will try again later. Love your pumkin.

creative patti said...

Hi Pinky, love this line!!! I did all of the links because frankly they are all great. Thanks for the many chances to win.

JeNn said...

I am a follower.
I liked all the sites. Thanks again for this & sharing

Kim M said...

I am following your blog.

CheckerBeads said...

HI PInky! I did EVERYTHING you asked... followed, commented, joined, everything.
Thanks for all the awesome blog candy.

I liked the "oh boots" layout the best!


Kim M said...

I joined Scrapastic and I love the DT layout Drive Play Love by Jessica Carter.

Dana said...

I love the little flowers on your mini album! They are very cute! I also like the memories album idea.


Scrappy Jackie said...

Thank you for all of the fun fan pages I have joined and for getting to look at design team and all of the others. I have been a follower of yours for awhile. Although I am confused... it is hard keeping us with all I was suposed to do! Thanks for the hop!

Darlene said...

TFS your Thankful album.
I liked Glue Arts, Scraptastic Club, and Photobook Creator. I couldnt find the spot to join Clear Scraps though.

desaucier at bellsouth dot net

Jen said...

I'm already a follower and I love your blog and your creations. Thanks so much for sharing this hop with all of us! I love everything...can't just pick
I've followed all of the sites and now off to finish with the hop. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Ziggyeor said...

I think you've all ready gotten me to like all of those sites ;)

Love your album cover :)

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Hi Pinky...left comments on the fb a fan of each...left a comment on the blogs as asked and my favorite layout from Scraptastic is Purr Brr...(I miss my kitty)

I am thankful for my family and weekends when we don't have any schedule and can just hang out!
Awesome hop!

marianne said...

I followed your blog, I liked glue arts, photobook creator, scraptastic club(i joined too!) and I also thought the DT LO "up to no good" was adorable! Thanks for the great links!

Karelj said...

Hi, Pinky! I've been following you a while--love your creativity! I did everything you asked for all the give-aways--thanks for being so generous! I'm thankful for my dog, who keeps me company every day. ksjennings(at)gmail(dot)com

jennyplace2 said...

I am already a follower and very thankful to wake up each morning. I am thankful for my loving family and hubby of 40 years. I am very thankful to have found all of you wonderful blogging buddies, you are what keeps me goingeach day!

Patti Smith said...

Love the mini album along with everything you do!! :) Of course I'm already a faithful follower!! I have so much to be thankful for but one of the things is my family and my crafting family. I can be down or upset and I read my crafty friends blogs and get right to is good therpy!! LOL...thanks for the fun blog hop!! love ya girly!!

Stacey's Creative Corner said...

Hi Pinky! I just became a follower and liked glue arts and photobook creator.

I love blog hops. Thanks so much!


Marionment said...

I am a follower and a fan of glue art.

Cricut Junkie said...

I am a follower, went to glue arts and the photo one!
Also LOVE the clear scraps, thanks for sending me there

Pink Cricut said...

Amazing like always Pinky! :) Thanks for being in the hop :D

Cricut Junkie said...

I am a follower. Was of glue arts and checked out the photo book. So thankful you sent to Clear scraps LOVE it!

NanaBeth said...

I'm following Clear Scraps, joined and following Scraptastic-my favorite DT project was the Halloween Door Hangar. I already liked UniBind, Glue Arts and I've been following for quite a while. And I left comments telling everybody you sent me!
Beth W aka NanaBeth

Karen said...

I am thankful to God for wonderful family and friends.

Stephanie said...

I'm a new follower and I liked Glue Arts and Unibind.

Perfectly Unperfect Cards said...

I am now a follower, I am already a Liker of Glue arts :D

I am thankful for having a loving Husband.

*Nikki* said...

hey pinky
i am a follower of your blog...
i liked glue arts facebook
i liked unibind
joined scraptastic and left a comment on my fav DT layout..and how awesome thier gallery is!
liked scraptastic's facebook page
and i am now following clear scraps..
now i am off to hop some more!!

Jayne said...

I did the glue arts, the scrapbook one, and the acrylic banner. Thanks so much for making these giveaways possible.

Denise said...

Hi Pinky, yet another gorgeous layout and fab ideas! Thanks for the inspiration. I am a fan of all these facebook pages and of course you :))) I did win a glue art pro glider recently, so if you happen to land on my name for it, please pass it on to someone who might not have it :)) Thanks.

Anna said...

I am already a follower of your blog. I also followed/liked/commented on the links you posted. I plan on leaving a comment on each blog...Love getting ideas from the blogs hops.
I am thankful for God and my family. and so many other blessings in my life.
Thanks for the chance to win.
annadowdy at gmail dot com

Kristi said...

Amazing Project! Happy to be part of the Hop with all of you!
{Little Paper Sprinkles}

Jennifer said...

Love you sight...this is my first vistit but not my last. I liked the Glue arts and I am following your blog now

AmyWilliams said...

#1 already follow your blog and on fb.
#2 now follow and Like Glue Arts
#3 now follow and Like Photobook Creater (way cool)
#4 my favorite layout by DT gallery - TearDrop - by Jessica Carter.
Thanks for a chance!

Wendy said...

Hi Pinky, one of your fellow blogs in the hop here. Love your project
You have a lot to be Thankful for!

Shannon said...

Hi - became a follower!

I like Glue Arts, Photobook Creator System, and scraptastic!



Kim said...

I am a follower/Stalker!! LOL!! LOVE YOUR STUFF!! SO INSPIRING!! Off to hop along,I have SOO MANY things I am thankful for: Awesome Hubby, Great Kids and a WONDERFUL life!! I am BLESSED! Thanks for the chance have a GREAT Day,
Me-Ma Kim

SusieScrapper said...

I am now following you and added the companies that donated prizes if I wasn't already following them! Awesome giveaway!! :)

Tiffany Leola Johnson Koehn said...

Howdy Miss Pink~EE!!
I like Glue Arts
I like Photobook Creator
I like Scraptastic Club
I joined Scraptastic Club Website!
LOVE the Love my Boots page! That lady is AMAZING *wink*
Following Clear Scraps and left a comment!!

Thanks for the chance to win such FABBY prizes!!

Craftyhomemade said...

Hello, great projects. I like the others pages, glue arts and Photobook Creator and also become your follower. Thanks.


Thuresa said...

I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet new friends with the same interest as me.

{raisingAlexis} said...

I am SO thankful for the friends who are staying beside me while I go through a stressful time.

Nitasha said...

Hi Pinky! I have already been following your blog, glue arts, and scraptastic and I like them on FB! And my fav. LO in the scraptastic gallery is Julianne's Apple of my eye! I think I answered all the questions- LOL!

Lisa J said...

Before I go into anything I must say I love your Memories page. Those are my favorite colors to work with on projects.
I have signed up for all things for the candy! Gluearts, Unibind, Scraptastic Club (liked & joined), and Clear Scraps (this is something I really want to get into!).
I am so thankful for my happy healthy family & friends!
Thanks for sharing!

DebbyP said...

Pinky-I just became a subscriber and checked out all your sponsors briefly. Will go back later and check them out in detail when I have time. Want to hop over to the other blogs before I have to leave.
TTFN. Debby. dpookybear at yahoo dot com

Sarah said...

I just became a follower!

Nancy said...

I just became your follower and I liked all of the sites!!

Kim said...

WOW!! I am THANKFUL that I joined in this Blog Hop!! SO MUCH INSPIRATION!!
I have "liked" Glue Arts and said you sent me! I "liked" Unibind and let them know that you sent me! I "liked" Scraptastic and also signed up on their website for the newsletter! and my FAVE layout is your OH BOOTS~I LOVE YA'!! Cause I am jealous you have WARM FEET!! hehe I am following Clearscraps and I told them you sent me! I have commented and am following ALL the blogs along the way of the BE Thankful Blog Hop!! THANKS BUNCHES for ALL the chances to win some GOODIES!! Have a GREAT DAY,
Me-Ma Kim

Brenda said...

I am very thankful for my family

Love your blog and all you do

dupontpig24 said...

Just signed up as a follower. I liked the glue arts. TFS

Ashley A. said...

Hi Pinky!!! LOVE your book cover you created.. so professional looking! Thanks for the inspiration ♥

I am also a new follower! Yayy! I love your blog.. it's gorgeous.

I also liked Glue Arts page and commented!

And Clear Scraps and PhotoBook!!

Love the DT "Up To No Good" at Scraptatistic!

Thanks for all the opportunities!! What a great blog posting you did!! :)


Ashley A. said...

Hi Pinky!!! LOVE your book cover you created.. so professional looking! Thanks for the inspiration ♥

I am also a new follower! Yayy! I love your blog.. it's gorgeous.

I also liked Glue Arts page and commented!

And Clear Scraps and PhotoBook!!

Love the DT "Up To No Good" at Scraptatistic!

Thanks for all the opportunities!! What a great blog posting you did!! :)


Jamie said...

great project...

I am a follower of yours,
liked the Glue Arts facebook page
liked the Photobook Creator facebook page
liked the scraptastic club facebook page

thanks so much for the chance to win

" M " said...

Ive been following you for a while now but I hit the follow button again just to make sure LOL!

I am thankful for knowing all you creative spirits , its been fun knowing you , I have known you since 2 years now and I follow you on fB and you are just too fun !

I did all of the above liked everything and all that jazz!

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing your great project.

Domestic Goddess said...

I like the layout "it's the little things".
I am grateful for my daughters.
I think I did everything in the list. I was sure liking and following a lot of things!

Scrapendipity said...

New follower here! Been a "liker" of Glue Arts for a while now. LOVE the Glue Glider Pro. Today I am thankful for all my FB friends. :)

Veronica said...

I'm thankful for these blog hops cuz it leads me to new people to follow and get inspiration :) I now like glue arts and the unibind photobook creator! :)

penbrandy said...

You have a new follwer!!..Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway!! Brandy

Penbrandy at msn dot com

Quinceyface said...

Well I now follow you, Glue arts, Scraptastic and Clear Snap and happy I do, because I will learn so much from visiting. Thanks for the opportunity. I am thankful for my family, friends, pets and my hands as they love paper.

Quinceyface said...

Well I now follow you, Glue arts, Scraptastic and Clear Snap and happy I do, because I will learn so much from visiting. Thanks for the opportunity. I am thankful for my family, friends, pets and my hands as they love paper.

Kray said...

Great layout! I am already a fan/follower of all the sites. I love to blog hop and look at companies sites. Great ideas and wonderful products. I am thankful for my family that God had given me. And I am also thankful for the "windy day". That means it will be cooler and fall weather!! Whoohoo!

terriennz said...

Hi Pinky! I'm a new follower and "liked" & become a member of all the above. Awesome project.. and thanks for a chance to win!

Terrie Barroso

stefeni said...

I liked all three: glue art, photobook creator, clear scraps. And my fav layout is the tear drops :) Though they are all beautiful.

spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

mbchoj said...

Ok I "liked" or follow the linked companies the you listed. Thanks for such great giveaways!
mbchoj at aol dot com

Shannon said...

Hi! I became a follower and followed, Glue Arts, Photo, and the design team gallery page!


Missy said...

Thanks Pinky for sharing the awesome project. I'm already a follower and like the other sites you suggested. Thanks for inspiring and sharing.


Amanda said...

I am now a follower and I also liked all the pages you listed.
amanda.barger at

Two Scraptastic Gals said...

Good Grief you are so talented I'm In Crafting Envy!!! I love all you do! So thankful to have creative blogs to follow that offer so much inspiration to me. And Ive made some wonderful friends along the way!

Stay Pinke,


The Creative Mind of Melia said...

I visited ALL of the sites for your sponsors. I left comments, started following, and liked them all, I joined the Scraptastic site, can't wait to utilize that site! I am also a follower of your blog~ it was a bit of work, bo SOO WORTH it to find all the great stuff! I am thankful for my friends, family, adn life!

Adrea said...

Beautiful patterns! Thanks for sharing your project!

Teri A said...

I am following your blog and I liked and or followed all that I was to do I am very happy that you sent me to these sites as they are great places to go and hang for a while

bluecrayons said...

im thankful for a caring family and close friends. and of course your inspiration.

lets see i am and have been your follower. i like glue arts. i liked photobook creator in said u sent me. i like and follow scraptastic club and joined the page. said u referred me.also included in my entry my fav LO. i follow clearscraps in said u sent me.

thanks pinkee my love.

Gloria said...

Girl I linked up to everything you sent us to and on Clear Scraps I even commented on two of the posts. those banners. omg can I have them. how do you get them?

Erika M. said...

I completed it all as far as I know - I am very thankful that my husband has a job as I have not been successful in my job hunt thus far!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I think I have met all of the requirements now! I have always "liked" Unibind - went to tell them you sent me. Liked Clearscraps and Glue Art - told them both you sent me. Became a follower of Clearscraps blog. Beides your Boots LO, I really like the Pumpkin Patch LOs Jessica has done. There are so many great LOs there, it really is hard to pick a favorite!
I really like your Thankful LO for this hop. You are so talented!!

Christine said...

Hi Pinky, oh what fun! I am already a follower I did this all day:

I liked Glue Arts, my favorite adhesive!

I left a comment on their acrylic banners and told them so!

Lastly I checked out the scratastciclub and commented with my favorite layout posted here is my comment: Christine on November 06, 2010
I love the amy bender layout using the papyrus kit my favorite part is her use of the frame and ribbon it is gorgeous!

Thank you so much for all the fun and the giveaways!!

This was so fun!!!

I am off to hop the blogs now!!



Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I meant to say I went to am following Scraptastic and looked at their DT LO's. I also liked them on FB as well as Glue Arts, Unibind and Clearscraps!

Sorry about double posting.

Chris Wooten said...

Your projects on your blog are great. Just got back into the hotel and thought I would unwind by looking at my favorite blogs. It is kinda late here, lol

I did all the requirements for every company. Thanks for the chance to win. Yay now I have a new friend too.

Have a Great Weekend to all my crafting friends.


Gloria said...

pinky I am wobbling back over here to tell you thanks for sharing this blog hop today. I have gobbled up some great inspiration.

Kelly Sas said...

This is my second post today because I just wanted you to know that I did comment on all the GREAT blogs - but not at the same time frame. Thanks for the great hop Pinky!

Janis said...

What a cool idea for a thankful album! New follower and I liked or followed all the pages you suggested. What great projects! I loved that windchime project on one of their pages. :) Janis

Dolores said...

Hey Pinky, I am thankful for family and friends who have recently been even more supportive of decisions I've made. Great project

jennmom2000 said...

Hi! I am a follower.

I already was a liker of Glue Arts, Unibind, and Scraptastic! I'm a member of Scraptastic's site. I love the Apple of My Eye DT layout!
I followed Clear Scraps too. What a great give away. I'm grateful for my family.

Rebekah said...

what a great idea! Amazing job!

Christine said...

Just finished the blog hop what a great line up thanks Cristal for all the fun!!!

((NY hugs))


Brittney said...

I'm a follower, and liked the FB pages and am following the CS blog!

CyndiU said...

Howdy. Think I did all I was suppose to. Enjoyed your blog. Look forward to returning and checking it out better.

T's Corner for Scrappin' said...

I just became a follower. Love your projects. "Liked" all of the sites and joined Scraptastic Club. Thanks for the chance to win!

pennykitz said...

Pinky you have a great blog and I am so glad to be a follower.

Anonymous said...


I liked all the sites =-) heading off the 2nd in blog hop! loved your project, so pretty! thanks for sharing!

Lesabe said...

I think I have done everything.. I for one am thankful all the crafty people on here who inspire me.. I have a morning routine, facebook, pink cricut and then here... And then the craft area =)

pennykitz said...

I followed all of the sponsers and liked them on facebook with a comment...
1. Glue Arts, followed and liked on facebook.
2. Unibind Photobook, followed and liked on facebook
3. Scraptastic Club. I joined their club site and liked on facebook. My favorite layout from the gallery was "Teardrop"by Jessica Carter
4. Clear Scraps, followed and also followed Tona Dirk, I love her style.

Tracy Brown said...

Pinky -
Love the project. Great job love the colors. I am now a follower and I am coming back to check out the prize sites. Thanks for sharing.


Monica said...

Really nice work.

I'm thankful for my family.
I just got my job eliminated Thursday after working there for 8 years.
So I'm thankful that some how God will provide me a new job one that I LOVE!

I love Glue Arts and I am following Scraptastic.

Thank you.

Theresa said...

Hi:) New follower here, and I liked/followed/commented each sponsor and blog you posted for the extra entries. For my design team comment/favorite, I like the layout "This Sweet Moment" (
On Facebook I'm Theresa Felts (
Thanks for being part of the blog hop!
Theresa Felts

Kerry--Momma K said...

I am already a follower of your blog and I now "Like" Glue Arts and the photo creator. TFS

Tona said...

Great project!
Let's see if I remember all this lol:
I already follow you
I already like Glue Arts & Unibind on Fb. Left them Pinky messages ;)
I liked Scraptastic
I already follow Clear Scraps & left them a Pinky comment too.


I did all the sponsor of the blogcandy did like on facebook and left commnents.
Rebecca Minor

Debbie said...

I am a new follower with you and I love your blog your projects are awesome, I have done all the others, like, fan pages thanks for sharing Debbie

TelaraRae' said...

Hello(:. Thank you, and i have followed all of them(:.

Dawn said...

I am thankful for GOD, my husband, kids, family and friends. With out any of them I would not be who I am. Thanks for the geat Hop.

Rosy C. said...

What a Beautiful Book Cover! Love the colors used for this Project. I am sure this will be a fun book to put together and share with Friends and Family!!! TFS...

Heather said...

Great project! I love anything BG! I am a follower!
ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

Tammy said...

Hi Pinky, I am a follower,
i liked Glue Arts, Clear Scraps, Photo Book Creator and Scraptastic Club. I left comments and told them you sent me!! Thanks for telling us about all of the fantastic companies. I am Thankful for my Family, Friends and my crafts.

Kristina said...

I already liked a lot of the sites on your list, so it was easy to just finish up. I'm thankful for all the wonderful scrappers out there that have inspired me to get started on my books this year.

Drayia said...

Went to all the sites and left comments were I could. Would love to give that addesive gun a try. Have not found on yet that I like, very limited with different products here in Canada.

Julie said...

Hi Pinky, Love your blog! I "like" all of your sponsors and told'em you sent me :) I was already a fan of one of them. I am thankful for each and every person in my life.

A Scrap Above said...

Hi Pinky

I love your project.Very beautiful!!
Here is what I did (hope I got it right)
liked glue arts, liked unibind, joined Scraptastic website,liked scraptastic joined/liked clear stamps.
TFS and a chance to win
Bonnie C
ascrapabove at aol dot com

Rhonda V. said...

Hey girl! I'm ever so thankful for my sweet little family and my awesome friends!

Love your fun hop, this is HUGE!

Tammy said...

I love this thank you. I am thankful for all the ideas you talented women are.

Tammy said...

Love this ideas.

betsy said...

Love your blog Pinky. Glad I tried this blog hop.

Casey (Stamptastik) said...

Hello! I am new to this blog hopping. I liked the Glue arts and the Photobook one.

Haidee was created by said...

New here and pretty cool blog you have.

I did all you asked but except the photobook creator since my son's school already afford it a while ago and I get it that way.

Thanks for the other sites that was a hop hop + hop LOL. It was FuN!!!

created2bunique at ymail dot com

SueNJ said...

Thanks for such a wonderful project and I have linked/followed all the companies you suggested.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Scrappin'


pattyb said...

What a list of prizes...thanks for working so hard for a great giveaway.

Okay, now I am trying to remember all I did...
GlueArts Fan - yep
Unibind Fan - Yep
Scraptastic Fan - Yep
I checked out their DT site and loved the Super Summer Double Layout that was on there.
And I now follow'll be fun to learn about them more.

And of course, I follow favorite pink Fiskateer. Phew, I think I got it all...thanks for the chance.

craftaholic said...

Hi Pinky! I have to say that I love the Country living stamps I won from you! I will post the card I made on my blog and when you get time check it out...It will be in the flicker photo share on my left sidebar...I have been a follower of you for some time!
And did glue arts like, scraptastic club and every thing yelse you said to do!! Following clear scraps blog!! TFS and will get the card posted by Monday ilovetonkinese2athotmaildotcom


sdelong1228 said...

I am a new follower! I "liked" Glue Arts & PhotoCreator. Your layout is very cute!
Thanks, Sandy

MeMe said...

I enjoyed visiting glue arts and scraptastice. The acrylic blog was a fun one to visit.

Manhattan Mandie said...

You know I'm a follower/stalker, LOL! I also follow/like Glue Arts and Clear Scraps and everyone else! Your book turned out really cool :) TFS!

Lori said...
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Lori said...

I just became a follower of your blog! :o)

I went to Glue ARts facebook page, Unibind photobook creator's facebook page, Scraptastic Club's facebook page and liked them. I went to Clear Scraps blog and left a comment on today's post and began following them. :O)

My favorite layout in the Scraptastic Club DT Gallery is: Scarecrow by Jessica Carter!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Thanks for the chances!

Java Jen's Creations said...

Wow! These are some awesome prizes!! Ok, I liked Glue Arts, Unibond Photo creator, Scraptastic and am now following Clear scraps! Whew! I think I got them all! Thanks for being a part of this blog hop!! I'm having lots of fun!!

Carol E. said...

What a fun bnlog so far. I am a follower and liked all the sites on the list and became a member of scraptastic with one of my favorite LO being pumpkin patch.
Thanks for sharing everything
cjtj1999 at hotmail dot com

Heather B. said...

LOVE your blog and am now a follower!
I like Glue Arts
I like Photobook Creator
I like Scraptastic Club
I joined Scraptastic Club Website
Following Clear Scraps and commented!
Love the DT "Up to no good"!!

Vicki said...

I'm already a follower of your blog with all your awesome creations. Already a fan/follower of glue arts, unibind, scraptastic club and clear scraps. Fave layout is park playin'. Still waiting for more pix of the chicks. Love ya Pinky.

Lori Apgar said...

I did it all!!!! At least I think I did. You are amazing!!! Love your work!


Amee said...

Great project! Awesome prizes...Wish I could have joined yesterday!

Esmommy said...

cute cute... I did everything.. I love the Up to no go LO and I like the glue art prize!! TFS
NYGIRL1994 at yahoo dot com

Denise said...

Hi! My name is Denise and I am a follower! lol!

I "liked" all of the sites and left comments on them all, including Clearsnaps!


Jamie said...

I am a new follower! I liked glue arts, photobookcreator, and scraptastic club. i became a member of scaptastics website. My favorite LO is Drink, Play, Love. I now follow the clear scraps blog and I let them know you sent me!

Lisa said...

Love it! Thanks
shop2udrop at embarqmail dot com

aremus said...

Great project!! Just now getting time ti hop!!

amanda said...

very cute!!!


connie said...

Hi pinky! Already follow your blog and like the others. Thankful for my family, health and friends.