Saturday, October 16, 2010

~Crafters have such big hearts~

Good morning my amazing crafty friends,
before I share my craftiness today I wanted to take a minute
to ask for help from all the amazing charitable crafters out there.

I am so blessed to be a part of an amazing community of
crafters who all share a little piece of their heart daily in
every project they make.
Stephanie Hunt, owner of Bella BLVD...her family had a great tragedy
this week and her brother in law was suddenly taken in a terrible car accident.

This has to be devastating for the entire family.
The blog post is here.

If you can and are willing please read the post and send
in blank thank you cards for the family.
This is a small thing to some but the outreach will really
touch their lives, so please take a minute today and make
a card or 5 and mail them in.
Now on to some crafty fun.
I made this card for a Halloween Invitation
It is a little more artsy then my usual style
I used my Cricut to cut the layers, then I used glitter paint
and stickles to coat the entire project, then I covered it in
Glossy accents and crackle, then I coated it in Mod Podge
I just had fun with it and I am happy with the end result.
It feel so spooky in person to!
I am really learning to use my Cricut and make it my own style
I always thought the Cricut was nothing but cutesy stuff,
but I was wrong, you really can transform anything you make with it!

~Happy Saturday everyone!~
~Have a great day~
~Thanks for stopping by to day hey~


kellystar said...

Prayers out to the Bella Blvd family. They live close to me and I will be sure to send them some much needed cards.

I like your pumpkin..."a little more artsy" looks good on you!

Kelly Sas said...

It is a small crafting world. We knew of Angela's loss the day it happened because both my girls went to H.S. with him, Angela and Stephanie. We have been praying for them since then and have already made our donations. Thank you Pinky for your help. About a cooking blog; I personally would LOVE it! My concern though is for you and your family. You already do so much. If you think you have enough time for it then fine, go for it. If not, just remember, kids grow up so fast... there will be a day when you have more time... when they are grown and out of the house. You can always do a cooking blog then. If you do one now though, I will be there everyday just like I am on this blog!


Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Love your spooky invite... it is so cool! Prayers for the Bella Blvd family, I will try to get our a card to them.
As for a cooking blog...if you got the time girl!! Go for it! I love to find & try good easy recipes if your gonna share I will follow.

Pinky said...

My Family always has and always will come first. That never changes.

Rhonda V. said...

Thanks so much for sharing the post and this crafting community is so amazing and giving.

I love your punkin! A cooking blog would be awesome too gf!

(((Hugs))) to you!

{raisingAlexis} said...

Pinky, I missed that post, so thanks for mentioning it again. My prayers go out to the family.

I'll be making/sending cards!

p.s. great pumpkin!

As far as a cooking blog, I know you'd be GREAT at it (just like everything else you do)! I already have a hard time keeping up with what you already do - are you sure you have time for yet another commitment? OR ... maybe you can devote one day a week on your current blog for a cooking post? That would be awesome!

Tona said...

Love your invite!
How sad for the Bella Blvd. family. They're in my thoughts.
If you started a cooking blog I would follow that too lol. You are as amazing in the kitchen as you are in the crafy world.

Manhattan Mandie said...

I love your pumpkin! He is so stinking cool!

I will definitely be cranking out a few card tomorrow to send to the Bella Blvd family. It is amazing to be a part of such a wonderful community of people.

Kray said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Stephanie's family. Such a trajedy.

The pumpkin is so cute!

StampinCathy said...

This is so cute! My prayers and thoughts are going to the Bella Blvd family.

Maureen said...

This is a super cute card Pinky.. Sad thing that happen to that family, Will make a few an get them sent out