Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~Middle of the week Award~

OK first of all I was so excited to receive this award from a reader.
I have received awards before but I always thought I was being
obnoxious by posting them, but I have since changed my mind
So anyone who has given me one, I apologize for not posting it.
And thank YOU Katie for sending me the award~
I love my fellow bloggers/readers!
I should nominate some awesome blogs too! Right?

This award is called the "Eye Like Your Style" from Janis at Pause, Dream, Enjoy. This beautiful award was created by her daughter.

The rules are easy....
1) by accepting this award you recognize that the giver "likes your style."
2)you agree to proudly display this award on your blog and post a link back to the giver.
3)you will share this award with those whose styles you like...because there are so many wonderful blogs out there!

Here are a just a few of the blogs (in no particular order) in which I love their styles & give me inspiration:
1) Jocelyn at
2) Jennifer French, I heart this girl!

Now on to fun things!
A very sweet cool friend from the Tally rally...
MARTY posted her pictures and she snapped these!
This one is of Dorothy, an amazing sweet woman who inspires me to stay strong
and she is so strong herself. I am blessed to have met her!

And this is Marty, I had no clue who she was at first but this woman was the
sweetest kindest most non-judgmental girl I have ever met!
I fell in love with her, she was just my kind of girl!
I can tell she fights the good fight!

So no scrap items today (sorry)
But I have been scrapbooking, in between sewing and caring for the kids LOL
I promise I will have something to share tomorrow!

~Don't forget! Friday at Sassy Scrappers in Murfreesboro!~
I will be there!
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for stopping by~


Jocelyn said...

Thak you so much Miss C....for the wonderful award!!!! It warms my heart that you thought of me!!!!! I just adore the pics!!!! You are so beautiful both inside and out!!!! Love you girlie!!! :)

MartyGentry said...

Aw, man! I think this is the sweetest, kindest thing anyone's done for me in a long, long while. I so needed this, man. Life is too short to be unhappy! I so so loved meeting you and wish we had more time to hang out.. Wow! I have chills. This so means a lot to me. Sometimes I wonder if "fighting the good fight" is worth it, and then someone like u des something like this and I realize it is SO worth it. If just ONE person gets me, then I am good. I really try to be myself at all costs, tell the truth even though it might sting a little, and keep my integrity. Above all, I want to be a good person, the best person I can be. By your post, I know I am reaching my goal. Thank thank thank you so much, man! BIG HUGS and kisses, too!! :)

latte_grande said...

Marty really DID take some great pics, the girl has an eye! Loved meeting you both at the Rally, I only wish we had had more time together...and I'm REALLY pissed at myself for missing your awesome class. There was just so much other stuff going on, I couldn't concentrate! Hope you're having a great day, girl! :)