Monday, July 6, 2009

~Let's Brighten up Monday with a winner! & another RAK day!~

NEW RAK right here!

Good Monday morning!
Hope your 4th weekend was safe and happy.
I have a few last minute things to do before I leave Thursday.
I probably will be scarce until I return on Sunday.

I am sharing some of my dresses/swimtops today because
I put everything on CLEARANCE
before my trip! I am trying to get everything sold before I leave!
So if you know any plus sized Divas please pass the word along.

IF everything sells before I leave I will be giving away 2 FREE custom made
dresses to 2 friends who refer me! Made in your size!

So make sure they let me know you sent them!

Swim top ONLY 34.00 reg 42.00
Maxi dress ONLY 30.00 Usually 38.00
Swim Top 35.00 normally 42.00
Red gauze coverup 24.99!
Please pass the word along if you can!

I thought Monday would be a good day to pick a winner for the RAK
And the winner is....

Lisa's Scrap Site
You have won the RAK Please email me your addy

Ice Cheeks please email me your addy as well. I have a goody for you too! I thought I would brighten up Monday this week with some FUN Random Acts of Crafting!

Now on to the FUN stuff!
I have a new FUN RAK today!
This one is a FRIENDS board book
FULL set of OWL Stamps
and some Heidi Swapp BLING Frames!
Check it out on top!!

A value of 40.00!
But there is a catch this time! I have to have at least
40 comments in order to give this one away
So spread the word! Leave a comment and refer a friend!

Oh and one more fun scrap news item!
Have you seen the new Glimmer Mist labeling? TOO cute! I love Glimmer mist, I
just used them on like 35 ATC cards LOL
Check it out!
Glimmer Mist is the same great product with a Fabulous NEW Look!

Ok off to pack some more!
Thanks for following my Crafty ramblings! LOL


rajah1116 said...

Good morning! Your dresses are georgeous! I wish I could get one!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

These dresses are beautiful Pinky! Good luck selling them all! HOw would you like us to refer you? What is your ebay seller's name?

that might be easiest.

Pinky said...

my eBay ID is achobbs28
and the link is on the blog post.
Thanks Elena!

Jenn said...

Hope you get your 40 comments, I've never seen those owl stamps before. Good luck on selling your tops and have a safe trip!

Liz said...

Dresses are so cute...

.................... said...!!!
My eyes got as big as an owl when I saw those stamps...whoooo makes them???

-Tifany #5942

Niki said...

Awww, Pinky! You do the most awesome work - the dresses are fabulous! I am so proud of you and you are such an inspiration to me!
Love to you and I'll do a little blog post myself sending my blogger friends over here!
XOXO ~ Niki

Christy said...

Awesome dresses, you are amazingly talented.

ropergirl3 said...

girl, your dresses are so gorgeous! I cannot wait to wear mine this weekend! I will pass the word around!

Colleen said...

So Pinky, are you feeling better today? Hoping you are up and doing well before your trip. I would love to get a dress from you, but just can't afford it right now. Teenagers are so expensive.

Michelle said...

May I ask who the owl stamps are made by? They are so cute and I just have to have them!!!

Pinky said...

I have no idea!

Tona said...

Wow! You're just bursting with news today. I can sense your underlying excitment about your upcoming trip.
Who makes those owl stamps? Those are just too cute.
Hope your back is feeling better & hope that you sell all you dresses & tops!

TraceyT said...

As always, your work is just beautiful!!!!

Ziggyeor said...

Oh those are gorgeous dresses! I hope you sell them!

I don't think the other women I know would wear those dresses though :p

Jill said...

Wonderful dresses!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

I adore your dresses Pinky!
There is nothing you make that I don't love! xOxO deb

Holly said...

You are so talented. Everything you do is so fun to look at. Makes me wish...

Linh C. said...

Great dresses!

Hope you get at least 40 posts! :)

Sandra aka Mummy said...

Well this will take the comments to half way there LOL
Have a fun trip, still totally love your dresses
Sandra from NZ

Jocelyn said...

Love the dresses!!!!! Have fun on your trip...We too will be leaving on Sunday for a week so I will be MIA!!!! THANK YOU for the wonderful comment you left about my family!!! I just adore you and am so thankful to have such a wonderful support system in you!!!! Have a wonderful day!!! :)

nancy said...

Your sewing is so wonderful. I hope all your dresses get sold. Have fun on your trip.

icecheeks said...

Okay seriously.....the owls?!!!!!!!
Hope you have the best trip ever :)

KarenB said...

Love the dresses - I do need to get a couple more!! Hopefully soon!

jennmom2000 said...

Those dresses are great! I love them.

ArcadeDweller aka Phyllis said...

Your dresses are always so beautiful. I won't be surprised if you sell them all before you take off.

Katherine said...

what a fun giveaway... and I love your dresses! They are so pretty and look so comfortable :)

I posted about your giveaway and added a pic and link on my sidebar.

Kary Sol said...

Great dresses! You are so talented!!!

connie said...

Your dresses are beautiful! Hope your back is feeling better. Enjoy your trip!

Gloria said...

OMG did I snooze on this?? Have you picked a winner yet for the owls? If I am I think I will be sick. lol lol I have been so busy this week I have not blog hopped. Hey girls I have several of Pinky's dresses and tops. they are soooooo nice.

ScrapAddict21 said...

Hey girl! Lovin' your blog. I love all your projects and inspiration.

DebMac said...

Wow you are sew creative . The dresses you have crafted are perfect for the Florida Weather. And I would look so good in one..Have a great trip and remember your back is still tender..